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Paul Morkassel's Family; The Early Years   Diana Northup; Growing Up   Paul and Diana's Current Pictures   Pictures of the Home Place  
Diana's Plant Pictures   Diana's Bird Pictures   Diana's Varmint Pictures   Diana's Scenic Pictures  
Alan and Kathy Photo Page   Vyron and Lauri's Photo Page   Dean and Tammy's Photo Page   Kevin and Traci's Photo Page  
Three Generations of Vyron A collection of Family Pictures A Pretty Good Picture of Kathy Paul, Kevin, Traci and girls
Morkassel Grandkids Paul with litle Johnny in Illinois Diana's Family Paul Playing Solitaire
Di and Paul enjoy a Moment 1st Generation Morkassel Family Kevin Shows off his Vikes Jersey Couple of Cuties acting Bashful
Kevin and Traci with Papa Paul Paul Fixes the Van for the long trip home Terry shows Paul how it's done Kevin's Family
Paul visits Terry's Construction Project Kevin, Traci and Paul Posing at Kevin's House A Family Collage Alan and Kathy's House in 1999 in the Snow
Barn Behind Greenhouse at Sunset Orchard Greenhouse in the Sunset Sunset in the Spruce Trees Spruce Up
The 3rd Generation Morkassels All the Morkassels in Collage Form Paul and Kevin's Family Diana reads to Kevin's Girls
Paul with David Samuelson Paul with Lisa Samuelson Paul with Doc Samuelson A New Generation of Spruce Trees
Dean: 2000 Dean and his Family: 1999 Moon Coming up Behind the Greenhouses And Goes Down in the Grove
Paul and Diana on the Rocks at Katy More Sunset Pics Two Oldtimers on the Morkassel Place at Sunset Sunset behind the Garage
One Old Tree Contemplates his Young Replacements Vyron: 2000 Vyron's Family Vyron's Collection
Alan Fooling with the Fire. The Barn and the Greenhouse at Sunset. Bonnie, with Paul Behind A Good Picture of Bonnie
Bonnie, too Dark to See. The Orchard House at Sunset The Martin House at Sunset Matthew
The Moon Over the Fire The Moon Coming up over the Barn Moon Coming up Between the Greenhouse and the Barn Red Trees at Sunset
Alan with the Smoke from the Fire all around Him Sarah and Kathy Sarah and Matthew Sarah
Sitting around the Campfire at Sunset Sunset in April of 2000 Sun Sets through Window of Tree House Aerial View of the Farm in 1962
Paul in the Mud in 1928 Paul at Graduation in 1944 Paul in the Army in 1953 Paul and Diana Morkassel Wedding; 1964
Karina Vyron/Laurie Wedding (His living Ancestors) Paul, Kevin, Traci The Morkassel Family in 1972
Butterfly in the Cosmos Another Picture of the Monarch Green-headed Coneflower Di's Landscaping Project
Diana at the Fourth Camp-out Erica and Kathy: August 2001 Kathy and Erica in the car Kathy and the Girls with their Grandmother Swenson
Khrista in the Car Khrista, Kathy, Sally, Peter, Erica: August 2001 Spruce-Up Nursery; Winter of 2000 Diana's Bird Pictures
Diana's Flower Pictures, etc. Tammy and Diana's Birthday Pictures    
Paul and Diana with the Bear Cub Paul's Nephew, Van and his Son, Alex with the Cub    
Di and Paul's Chicks; 2003 Some of The Chicks Had Feathered Feet A Turken In Profile   Turkens Are Beautiful  

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