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Verdell; at Peace Terry and Linda's Wedding Picture Don and Sharon Looking at Pics 3 Dn's; Dean, Don and Dawn
Rick and Linda @ Molly's Ron II, Dawn, Tami and Johnny Dawn with Linda's Bouquet
Shayla, Tierra, Justin, Evan, Johnny Justin with his Train Sharon, Ron II and Dawn Ron II, Dawn and Josiah
Linsky and her Beautiful Grand-kids A Very Lovely Picture of Shayla Shayla at Two years old Tami and Shayla
Klowns and Kittys; Tierra and Destiny Justin Playing T-Ball Johnny at Four Tierra is Three Years Old
Linda and Terry Linda and Terry with Dawn in April 1998 Linda and Terry Dressed Fit to Kill Terry and Linda
Terry Fishing in Alabama Dawn at 22 with her Cake The Cats Stole Adnil's Back Mat Ducks Attacking Terry
Dawn, Johnny and Dawn's Cake Don and Dawn after the Honors Ceremony Ed and Holly Ed, Heather, Chad, Sharon and Don
Dean and Verdell with Tammi Linda, Dean and dawn Terry helps Paul fix the Van Linsky, Dad and Daughter
Terry shows Paul how he lost his tools Dawn with her ever-present Pepsi Free Congratulations, Holly and Dawn Justin and Johnny
Justin, Maaz and Johnny Kevin, Paul and Terry Dawn and Johnny with her Cake Heather and Chad
Dawn Standing by her Wrecked Car Dawn's Car after the Wreck Holly, Dean and Dawn Holly and Dawn
Linda with a Proud Smile Justin and Terry Look over Dawn's Car Sitting in Lots of Glass Johnny, Justin and Shayla
Linda Got Caught Napping Terry Fishing Ben Caught a Big Crab and We Ate it, Yumm An Osprey We Saw at Ben's
A Narrow Road We Drove out on in Texas An Oil Rig in the Gulf in Texas Fortunately, We Had to Buy a New Motor Home The New Fleetwood
Johnny; August, 2001 Justin; August, 2001 Shayla; August, 2001 at her Birthday Shayla, Wearing her Crown
Shayla with her New Doll Linda with two of her old Lyon Buddies Linda, Mason and Dawn New Dog
Dawn, Mason and Tami Sharon and Linda Posing in Dean's Kitchen

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