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Rick Northup's Family; The Early Years   Rick and Donna Visit the St Paul Winter Carnival; 2001-2002   Rick and Donna's 2002 Trip to Florida   Rick and Donna's Family Pictures  
Christmas, 2002 at Rick and Donna's   At Roseburg, Oregon in 2004   During Rick's Stay in Chicago   The Building of a Log Cabin  
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Juliana's Graduation Pictures        
Alissa's First Bath   Alissa with Both Great Grandmas and April   Alissa all Warm and Cozy   Alissa with the Ballek Boys at the Shower  
Brian with New Baby Alissa   Brian Relaxing after a Hard Day   Jeana and Alissa's Baby Shower Cake   Jeana Opening Baby Shower Gifts  
Jeana's Friends at her Baby Shower   The Kids at Alissa's Baby Shower   Another Picture of the Ballek Boys with Baby Alissa   At Jeana's Baby Shower for Alissa  
Three Lundeen Children   Ben and Jeana at Larry and Allison's Wedding   Jeana and Courtney on Train at the Mall   Jeana in Virginia  
Jeana and Julie and Kids Waiting in Line at the Mall   Jeana with Julie's Kane   Jeana, Mitchell and Courtney on Train at the Mall   Mitchell, Kane and Courtney on Train at the Mall  
The Train at the Mall   Jeana, Wrapped in a Towel in Virginia   Alissa Lundeen Baptism   Alissa Lundeen; Easter 2002  
Alissa; Chillin' Out With Daddy   Cooter is Four Years Old   Courtney; Hamming it up for the Camera   Bryan/Jeana Lundeen Family; Easter 2002  
Mitchell; Putting the Move on to Win at TRF in 2002   Alissa All Dressed Up   Courtney, Mitchell and Alissa   Same Kids, Different Shot  
Brian's Caribou From Alaska Trip   Another Shot of Brian's Caribou      

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