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Ron Northup's Online Photo Album Mom and Leanne took a trip in 2000 Northup Reunion; 2000 The 4th of July Camp-out; 1999 and 2002
Scenic Pictures Submitted by a Variety of Amateurs Bird Pictures Pleasant Valley Solutions; Inc.
Arlan Hanson With His Dad Arlan Hanson With His Mom The Old House in Puposky with Old Barn Showing Leanne/Darien With Model "A" in Background
Laurence Knox Mabel A. Grape (Knox) Wife of Laurence Knox/Betts Family in California Laurence Knox Funeral Announcement
A Tintype of Great-Great Uncle Thomas M. Northup (Caleb's Brother) Archie's Father; Charles Wesley Northup Charles Wesley and Eliza Northup C.W. Northup Family
A Young Man; Archie Northup A Young Lady; Myrtle Johnson Soon to be; Archie and Myrtle Northup Which Eventually led to; Archie and Myrtle Northup Family
That Same Family in 1955 That Same Family in 1955 Archie and Myrtle with the In-Laws in 1955 Archie and Myrtle Northup in Aurora with Donnie and Linda
Archie and his Dog, Tippy Archie and a Coon He was pretty proud of The Picture of Vyron/Helen Wedding Touched up by Larry Vyron and Helen Northup with the three oldest Kids
All the Cousins that made Uncle Lew Northup's Funeral in 1975 Vyron and Helen Northup at 1980 Family Reunion Vyron Northup Frying Hamburgers Outdoors Northup Siblings in 1980
John Russell Reed Northup II in 1950 Paul Morkassel as a baby in 1928 Paul Morkassel at his graduation in 1944 Paul Morkassel in Uniform in 1953
Paul and Diana Morkassel Wedding in 1964 The Morkassels in 1972 Alan Morkassel as a baby in 1966 Vyron Morkassel in the Mud in 1968
Dean Morkassel in the Mud in 1970 Kevin Morkassel in the Mud in 1971 Benson Leonidas Northup Homestead in Seattle Leroy and Rena Northrup as Children
This is Rovine Northrup Monroe and Chris Northrup; Early "TEE" The Louisiana Northups; Joseph Monroe, Wife, Kids and Oxen   Monroe's Team on the Road
Leroy Northrop and Oxen Harry Northrup Needham Northup Bigger Picture of Needham Northup
Bigger Picture of Amanda Rounds Mary Rounds; Wife to Needham Northup Varnum Northup's Wife Varnum Northup
Back of Varnum Northup Photo Showing Civil War Service Varnum Northup and Wife This is Alger Northup (son of Vernum) This is Artemisia (Amelia) {Northup} McGrady
Betsey Northup (Right) with Son and Daughter-in-Law This is Charlotte (Lottie) Northup and her husband Sidney Northup Edwin Varnum Northup
Gary Northup as a Child Gary and Fae Northup Wedding Wes and Gertsie Northup with Gary and Joyce Gary Northup's Mesa Verde Ad
Gary and Fae Northup Family Vyron, Marge, Dean, Vera and Wesley Northup Siblings Clint and Margie Hanson Eldred and Vera Damschen
Margie, Dean and Vera Northup; In Performance Costume Margie's Wedding Party Ruth (Buckeye/Bristol) and Don Buckeye's Kids with Grandpa and Grandma Buckeye A Memorial For Margie
Margie GoodBye Lew in the Air Force in 1956 All of the Vyron Northup Kids Mostly Sitting Those Same 12 Kids; Mostly Standing
Just the Boys, with Dad Just the Girls, with Mom Everybody Grandpa Archie's House at the time of Margie's Funeral
Grandpa's Shop at the Same Time The Home Place; Same Time Annette's Grandpa George Northrup Vyron and Wesley Northup From Tin-Type
Almira Delight Northup Ben Jr. and Myrtle Northup Family in 1937 Ben and Myrtle Before Florence was Born Benson Jr. Hauling Buhtz Lumber
Benson Jr. after 1935 Hunt Benson and Myrtle Northup Wedding Chester and Mildred Northup Wedding Florell (Curtis) Northup
Florence (Northup) Miles in 1979 Florence Northup as a Baby Florence a Little Older Lester, Bessie, (Dale's Wife) and Ben Jr.
Lester and Florence Riding Ole Bill Myrtle (Anderson) Northup With Chester and Florence in 1924? Noreen (Northup) and Bruce Keane Wedding Robley and Emma Northup Wedding
William and Nancy Northup Family; First Six Children Willie Marie Northup McCoy in 1945 Lew Northup With Moustache