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I hope you enjoy this site. We are just getting started here and there will be regular additions as I put this page together. There are links to herbal sources and seed sources, and there is a link to down home advice on Tinctures, plasters, poultices, teas, etc.; methods of preparations, concentrations, recommended doses. We're talking all the way from pleasurable experiences to miracle cures, here. Grow or Buy Organic and Natural because it makes you feel good about yourself and may even change or save your life.

Much of what I share here, I have found out from personal experience, but I include material untested or tried by me. These are presented as options for you to try. There are no guarantees expressly or otherwise. If you are looking for something, I may be able to help you find it. I am not a chemist or a Master Gardener. I know a few things out of experience that maybe even your doctor doesn't know or care to share with you, but it is recommended that you discuss all medical decisions with your physician. Herbal medicine can be very powerful and may cause complications in conjunction with other herbs and medicines or conditions. I personally have experienced lower cholesterol, better circulation, pain-free joints and better over all conditioning through simple and cheap Herbal Alternatives to expensive Medical Treatment and even surgery. It doesn't cost much to try it out for yourself, and you stand to save thousands of dollars on conventional Medical Treatment. Your Health Insurance probably won't cover you, but chances are you won't need Health Insurance, either. A good program to start for practically anything that ails you, regardless of age, sex or physical condition: Liquid Minerals fortified with Vitamin "C", in conjunction with 500 mg MSM and 500 mg Glucosamine three times daily with meals and one mg per pound of body weight OPCs (from Pine Bark Extract or Grape Seed Extract). All of these are in the category of Nutritional Supplements. You are just making sure you are feeding your body correctly so it can heal itself, and you should experience no side effects except you will be amazed what it will fix. I have been using these listed supplements pretty much continously for the past five years, and I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel in many different ways.

You can find out the difference in Deadly Night-Shade and the edible Garden HuckleBerry, which is a member of the same family. You may discover this distinction on this website. Or you may learn to find the edible and tasty mushroom known as The Great Morel. Or, contrariwise, where to find the deadly Amanita.

Something I got from my Brother, Chuck recently, "I remember when I was about twelve, or so, My dad and Lewie were walking out in the woods and came upon a Red Elm tree. My dad said 'Well, look here, a Slippery Elm. The old folks used to dig some of this out from under the bark and chew on it for gum.'

He proceeded to dig out his trusty pocket knife, carved some bark off, and dug out some of the layer under the bark for us boys to chew on. 'Here', He said, 'Chew on this for awhile, It's good for you.'

A few months ago I was reading through my health books and I came up on Acid Reflux. The good book says the reason acid reflux is a continueing thing, once you have it, is because you have weakened the muscles in your esophagus. It says if you chew on Slippery Elm it will strengthen the esophagus muscles and help to control Heartburn. I wonder, today if my Dad knew that, or if he was just told by the folks that it was good for you. My dad suffered with heartburn, and tried different pills for much of his life."

One of the most healthy things a person can do is work up a daily sweat. I am a big proponent of the Dry Sauna. A 20 minute session can work off as much as 300 calories, about equivalent to an hour of light weight lifting. It is also very beneficial for the heart and vascular system. I recommend an hour of weight-lifting, a half hour brisk walk or on a bicycle followed by an hour in the Sauna and Pool. I do at least four sessions, alternating between the two, ten minutes in the Sauna, 5 in the pool to cool down and then back to the Sauna for another round. This regimen every other day is very good, but it is good to work up a good sweat every day. Go to June Jones for a complete discourse on the subject.


* Eat fewer bad fats and more good fats
* Eat fewer refined-grain carbohydrates and more whole grain carbohydrates
* Choose healthier sources of protein
* Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, hold the potatoes
* Use alcohol in moderation
* Take a multivitamin/mineral for insurance

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