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Rick Northup's Family; The Early Years   Rick and Donna Visit the St Paul Winter Carnival; 2001-2002   Rick and Donna's 2002 Trip to Florida   Rick and Donna's Family Pictures  
Christmas, 2002 at Rick and Donna's   At Roseburg, Oregon in 2004   During Rick's Stay in Chicago   The Building of a Log Cabin  
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Juliana's Graduation Pictures        
John and Newborn Nehemiah Cheryl and New Born Nehemiah New Born Nehemiah Two Pregnant Sisters in the Dark
Cheryl and Julie, back to back and pregnant Nehemiah; a Little Older Nehemiah; Smiling Now There's a Happy Nehemiah
The Older Four Boys with Uncle Josh and Uncle Ron's Kids The Balleks with Grandma and Josh in Cumberland, W. Virginia   The Ballek Family at Larry's Wedding   The Balleks at the Beach in Virginia  
Cheryl by the Water   David on Rope   David at the Beach   David and Matt at the Beach  
Francis Jumps off the Rope   Cheryl shows the Boys How to Make Music   Josh and Francis at Museum   Levi in Front of Van  
Levi and David with Elissa   Matt on the Rope   Levi and Josh in the Mirrors   Nehemiah on the Scooter  
Matt's a Scarecrow   John smiling in the Pool   Francis and Josh Snorkeling in the Pool   Nehemiah in the Middle of a Tornado  
Francis Loves His Little Sister   Rachael Looks at Great Grandma Northup   Rachael Smiles at Great Grandma Northup   Rachael At 4 Days Old  
Rachael With The Bar Off   Rachael Lynn Irene Ballek; Xmas, 2002   Sleeping Baby   Kids in Dog House; Rachel, Nehemiah  
Kids Coming Out of DogHouse; Rachel First   Nehemiah and Rachel Out; David is Next   Oh, My Lord; Here Comes Francis   And Josh is Still In There  
All Those Kids Were In There; Levi Last   The Right Dog is Finally Home   Painting Rachel's New Bedroom   Start With Some Sketches  
Then, Fill In Some Color   They Gradually Got More and More Intricate   Like This Mouse Family   Believe it or Not, This Tree Home Is Not Done  
April Did This Kitty   Close-Up Of Kitty and Baby      

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