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You have shaken the rice out of your hair, arranged your couch and installed your drapes, and settled into a day-by-day schedule, when----congratulations are in order!!!!! A miracle has happened.....you discover your baby is on the way. This follows like the rainbow follows the rain, and the day follows the night. This is the Circle of Life!

Now you are arranging for a Naming Ceremony, and by holding this special ceremony of blessing a new born baby, you are openly welcoming your child into a loving circle of family and friends, while at the same time through carefully selected readings and rituals, recognizing and introducing the rich cultures and responsibilities of Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, and Godparents.

As Interfaith Ministers, we work with you to help you create a special ceremony that is unique and expressive, rich with elements of your cultures, bringing it all together into a meaningful occasion that will always be remembered. We meet with you before the baby is born, and have all the elements ready to fall into place when the baby arrives.

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