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Rick Northup's Family; The Early Years   Rick and Donna Visit the St Paul Winter Carnival; 2001-2002   Rick and Donna's 2002 Trip to Florida   Rick and Donna's Family Pictures  
Christmas, 2002 at Rick and Donna's   At Roseburg, Oregon in 2004   During Rick's Stay in Chicago   The Building of a Log Cabin  
Larry and Allison Photo Page   Brian and Jeana Lundeen Photo Page   John and Cheryl Ballek Family Page   Jake and Julie Anderson Family Pages  
Juliana's Graduation Pictures        
My Girls in about 1997 Rick Northup in 1999 Daughter Jeana's Family Larry and his Girlfriend
Rick and Linda @ Molly's Uncle Ron with the oldest two girls Josh with Cousins and Nephews Rick and Donna and the Kids
A Picture of most of the Family Rick's Whole Family acting a little Weird Daughter Cheryl's Family Rick with Ron, Nita and Darien
Cheryl and Julie showing off the newest Babies Nehemiah, too Dark Nehemiah, Enhanced Rick and Donna's House
Where else was I supposed to put a Picture of the PV Church??? Keith and April Hamming it up A better Picture of Larry and Allison A better Picture of Nehemiah
Even Smiling. How about that?? Talk about a Smile...How about this one?? This one is Kane; The newest Viking Fan All the Grandchildren, including Kane and Nehemiah, before they were born
Here's the old, Fire-Damaged Pumphouse in the Background and the New One Partially Built Julie, Displaying Kane and Cheryl, with Nehemiah Rick's House with Smoke in the Air Nehemiah; Enhanced
Here's Kane; Julie's Attempt to Scan a Picture Rick and Josh, Hot-tubbing with Tony at Katy Rick and Frank at Katy Donna; Carving her Watermelon
Donna Diving; Rick and Dale Watching Here's Cyndi last year at the Master Gardner's Presentation Josh Learned to Dive in Katy A Pretty Good Picture of Dale with Di and Dee, Rick and Tony
Josh in Hot-tub...Meaghan in Background Rick, Keeping Cool in Hot-tub Rick; Grinning at Meaghan Donna on NASA Tour
Donna Studying a Sign at NASA Rick and Donna's Family in June of 1999 Larry's Self Portrait of Him and Ally Rick and Ben in Virginia Hot-tub
Josh Washing Veggies Winter Carnival in St Paul; February, 2002   Josh with his Carp and Kane Watching; July 2002   Josh and Kane By Viking Carpentry Shop  
Josh and Kane by the Viking Ship Josh and Kane Watch a Similated Volcano   Josh and Kane at Minnesota Science Museum; Lighting Up Mr. Energy    

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