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Thanks for visiting our Web site. Pleasant Valley Solutions; Lawn Care and Landscaping is a full-service landscaping & landscape management company providing residential and commercial design, installation, and maintenance in the Puposky and greater Bemidji, Minnesota area, and now serving the Red Lake Reservation!

We operate through Wayne's Lawn Service of Thief River Falls, Mn. as a fully licensed and insured company and we have been in business for over 25 years in various markets. WLS is our PVSI Parent Company.

     PVSI Landscaping & and Lawn Care, can handle all of your landscaping and landscape management needs. We have on our staff a licensed landscape contractor and horticulturist. We also have people licensed in ornamental and turf pesticide application.

     We work closely with Rick's sister, Master Gardener Diana Morkassel, who runs a licensed Nursery, (Spruce Up in Warren, Minnesota). She is well known in North Western Minnesota for her involvement in horticulture and also as a naturalist. She provides PVSI with most of our Trees, Shrubs and Perenniels, plus is actively involved in planning and maintenance solutions.

Rick has developed this business as a Spin-Off company from Wayne's Lawn Service of Thief River Falls, where his brother, Ron is a major owner. As we get this relatively new business established, we will rely heavily on the experience and equipment made available to us through WLS of TRF. We already have a General Contractor and Architect on board in the person of Rick's Nephew, David Samuelson, who has designed major projects in both Commercial and Residential venues. In addition to that, we expect, soon that Rick's Brother, Darien will also have his General Contractor's license and we can expand into all sorts of housing improvement and design.      At Pleasant Valley Solutions, Inc., we pride ourselves on being "in the business of providing exceptional service."

Contact Information

If you would like to receive additional information about the services that we provide, please contact Rick at:

Pleasant Valley Solutions, Inc.
3502 Lumberjack Road NW
Puposky, Mn  56667
Telephone: (218) 243-2615
Mobile: (612) 280-4375
In Minneapolis: (763) 780-8977

e-mail: General Information & Sales: Rick Northup
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