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In First Place, and Very Deserving of Such a Spot...Dawn Done it. 9649 Hits Since it was Posted.   This one Cheated a Little to Get Second Place at 5538, Because it is the Picture Used on the Northup Family Website to Access Photos.   This Picture as Really Hard to View When Frank First Sent it Out, Because it was Huge Online. I Resized it, and it has been Revisited Thousands of Times. 5436, to be Exact.   People Do Searches For Popular Things, Like Bahamas and Disney and Find Pics Like this. It Has Been Visited 4833 Times.  
This One Gets Visited a Lot Because it is in the Greenhouse. Lots of People Looking For Greenhouse Plans. Fifth Place at 4144 Hits.   I Think People Just Absolutely Love This Picture of Larry and Allison's Cameron as a Baby. 2942 Hits.   This is a Picture I Took of Williamsburg's House of Burgesses When we Visited There When Larry and Allison were Married. 2823 Hits.   Who Know Why People Would do 2765 Searches For a Spiny Dogfish?? This is Laurel's Daughter, Ashly  
This was a Fine Rick Northup Family Gathering at Diamond Point. Larry and Lindsey Made it and Donna's Mom was there, as well. Visited 2544 Times.   It Should Come as No Surprise that this Picture of Mom's Mother, Grandma Esther has been Visited 2367 Times.   I Guess People Just Want to Learn How Baked Alaska is Prepared. On the Cruise Trip at Branson, Missouri.   This Picture of Donna and Josh Trying to Copy Rick at Dad's Funeral was Much More Popular than the Serious one Taken at the Same Time. 2171 Times.  
This One of Meaghan Getting Braids was Taken On Their Cruise When Dee Went Along, I Think. 1943 Times.   A Picture of a Destroyer and a Coast Guard Cutter in Charleston harbor Got 1762 Hits.   This one Has Been Seen 1734 Times Because it is My BLOG Picture. Rick and Ron BLOGging at Billy's Wedding.   This One of Cooter at the 4th of July Camp-Out is a Good Example of One People Just Enjoy Seeing. 1546 Visits.  
1381 People have Came to See Judy Sun-Bathing, Sent by Arlan.   Donna Must Have Taken this Shot of Diana Admiring a Huge Flower With Unc Dean Looking on From Behind. Taken on Our Lengthy Cruise Trip, Coming Home Through Illinois.   I'm Not Sure Why so Many People Visit this One of Donna at Jeana and Brian's for Christmas the Year We Got the Camera that took this Picture.   Lots of People Have Visited My Log Cabin Site. This is the Current View at the Tme I Made the Series.  
This is Probably My Own Favorite Picture of the Log Cabin in Process of Being Built.   1267 People Have Visited this 1st Generation Picture Taken at Dad's Funeral. Mom and Dean and Ten Siblings.   People Just Like Meaghan and People Just Love Hot Tubs.   Rick and Donna at One of the 4th of July Camp-Outs Enjoying a Relaxing Minute in the Greenhouse.  
1144 People Love This one of Donna Taken in Hawaii.   A Couple of Old-Timers Got Together in Virginia For a Wedding. 1172   Nehemiah was Pretty Amazed to See These Two Guys, Too. 1162   Ooops, This one of Robin at Frank and Mari's for the Millenial Bash Should be Between the Old-Timers.  
Here is a Lovely Picture of the Alamo Taken by Jo and Jamie. Too Bad None of Them is in the Picture.   Another Very Favorite Shot of the Log Cabin In Process.   Another Shot of Donna and One of her Amazing Creations, At Katy in 2000.   This Picture Also Cheated, as I Had it For my Home Page, and it Got Hit Every time I Turned on My Computer For About a Year.  
Kathy is Also Very Photogenic, and I Guess People Love this Fine Example of Her Good Humor.   I Guess I Don't Know Why So Many People Have Visited Linda's Oil Rig.   I Picture of Josh on Gilligan's Island Was Viewed 1048 Times.   And How Fitting to Wrap up the Top 36 Pictures with this 1980 Shot of the Northup Siblings. Doesn't Everyone Look Young??  

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