Rick And Donna's
Log Cabin in the North
You Have to Start with a Driveway   Our Practice Project was a Chicken Coop   Breaking Ground For the Main House   We used My Brother, Ron's Massey Ferguson 65 for the Heavy Work  
The Basement Floor was only 4 feet Below Grade   NorthWest View Of the Site with Ron Working in the Hole   My Brother, Chuck was the Lead Block Layer   I Got Quite a bit of Help Laying Block  
I got Help again Nailing off the Deck        
The Inside Wall is Four Inch Framed   Then, Four Inch Logs Hung Outside the Frame Wall   I Got the East Side and Around the South Corner Logged While the Weather Held   But the Snow Came Early and Changed My Priorities  
Looking Out The Drive Way Towards the Highway   I Got the Second Deck on Just in Time, Before the Heavy Snow Hit   The Gables were Framed and Sheeted on the Deck and Then Stood in Place   My 1975 Ford 3/4 Ton Super Cab Was Handy for the Heavy Hauling  
I Built Four Foot Jack Walls Upstairs to Support the Rafters in the Middle   A View From the Highway of the Cabin in the Woods   View From the South East Corner   I Got Chintzy on The Rafters and Went with Two By Four, Since I Had Support Halfway Up  
After the Snow Went Off, I Resumed Logging Around the North End and West Side   I Also Finished Around the South End Deck   By the Time The Spring Rain Got There, I was Pretty Well Closed in   I Started Roofing Over the West Deck Roof  
I Could Haul a Thousand Feet of Lumber in this old Chrysler Wagon   I Built a Sort of Scaffolding Up the Roof to Walk on While I Worked   There Was a Little Mini Deck on 2nd Floor as an Emergency Escape Route   Amazingly, the 2nd Floor Never Got Rained on Until After the Roof was Completed  
Wheel Chair Ramp and a Salmon Colored Trim   An Entry Porch and Vertical Siding Above On the North End   Same View, A Little Later, Completed the Exterior in Less Than a Year and We Were Ready to Move In   View of the Finished Cabin From The West  
View of the Finished Cabin From South West   Sometime Later, We Added on to the South End, So this is the Completed Cabin, From the Highway View   View of North End Entry in 2003 After 20 Years of Weather Took it's Toll   Log Home In The Woods in 2003  
North West Corner as it Looked in 2003   As a Father's Day Gift, Donna and Cheryl Worked on Refinishing   Restaining The North End in June, 2004   Northwest Corner as it Looks after Refinishing  
We Also Hung A New Light In The Kitchen   I also built a Pig Barn with 3" Squared Logs. (As it looked in 2003)   2003 View of the Entire Site With Original Pump House Showing to Left   Close Up of the Original Old Pump House in 2003  
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