The Day Before Christmas

by Rick Northup

The Day Before Christmas

Twas the Day before Christmas at Rick Northup's place.
The tree was still standing in it's chosen space.
The lights were still flickering the music still played
Outside the house, six below in the shade.

But, inside the house it was comfy and nice
The new fan was humming and melting the ice.
The thanks go to Curtis who gave Rick a hand
And helped to install it . So strike up the band.

So Rick got his socks on and sat in the den
All happy and warm as he picked up his pen
And wrote this here poetry for all of his friends
To Cheer up their Christmas, and thus make amends

For all of the times when he leaned on them bad
For all the tough times that he thought that he had.
"God Bless you, my friends. Your sins are forgiven.
I onally wish I could thus make my livin'!

Now that I've succeeded to make you feel good,
I really must go out and gather some wood."
So, adding the color, he laid down his pen,
Inserted a picture and clicked on the "Send"

The sun was up early, a quarter past eight.
(Those among you from Fargo can surely relate.)
That made him feel warmer as he stepped outside
All bundled in wool for his usual ride.

He hooked to the back of his tractor, his sleigh,
Which he'd built for son Joshua the previous day.
He lifted the throttle and pulled out the choke,
That shiny green tractor was soon puffing smoke.

"Now warm up, you tractor." He shouted with glee.
"You wouldn't get gas if it wasn't for me."
The tractor responded by clearing it's throat.
"That's better." he said and he patted it's coat.

Then, laying his finger alongside his nose,
He blew out some snot, before it had froze.
He stuck it in fourth, raised the throttle to "Full"
The tractor leapt forward and started to pull.

The snow was all packed and the trail's lookin' good
And Rick was now eager to go find some wood.
But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,
"This tractor is great. I'll use it tonight."

By: Rick Northup E-mail Rick

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