Winter Storm

by Rick Northup


As out the window of the room I look,
I wonder at the powers of nature there.
I cannot keep my eyes upon my book
To keep myself in class, I must take care.

The wind, it blows so furiously, hard and fast
The trees are bending from the forceful blow.
The snow is swirling, ever twirling past.
How nature keeps it up, I'll never know.

The beauties of this storm alone are mine
To watch and feast my eyes upon the sight.
My classmates, though, to view it, they are blind.
To miss out on this beauty isn't right.

And so, I wish that people would slow down
And use their time to watch the world go 'round

Prelude to The Winter Storm
A sonnet, By Rick Northup

Winter Storm

Have you ever seen a sight
With the power, and the might
Of a storm a-raging in the winter-time??
Not a blazing forest fire
Makes my spirit soar up higher
Than the height a roaring blizzard makes it climb.

Oh, the wind spirals around
With a whining, wailing sound
And the force shakes windows out, and opens doors.
As I plunge out of the door
Into drifts waist deep, and more
I must crawl, to make slow progress on all fours.

As the snow comes swirling down
Thickly blanketing the ground
Comes the wind, to pile it high in four foot drifts.
Can you name a greater way
Nature takes your breath away??
Name you one more thing that so your spirit lifts??

By Rick Northup: January 1962 in Math Class

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