All My E-mailin' Friends

Linda's descriptions of Grandkids and school
Have lifted my spirits immensely.
I love all her forwards, her prayers are way cool,
And keep us all covered, quite densely.

When Cheryl begins, as you all can attest,
To tell all her antics in rhyming,
At keeping us spellbound, she's surely the best,
She has such incredible timing.

My Mother, of course, as we always have known,
Can quote many verses from memory.
This may be a lesson Isaiah has shown
Or something a bit more contempory.

When Dee gets the bug, you can surely surmise,
Her subject: the family, cool things to crochet,
or bowling, or some pleasant garden surprise.
To Tweak us or Pique us or brighten our Day.

For Frank is the one we are waiting and ready.
His Epics are "To be Continued..."
The tales are exciting, exhilerating, heady.
We wonder, "What's next on the menu??"

Now Di, Paul and Vyron and Lauri and Dean
Send pictures and regular notes.
But only from Tammy, just lately we've seen
A sample of poetic quotes.

We know Ron and Ronnie were doing cantata
They keep us informed of their fate.
But I'm sure you'll agree that they really had oughta
Send pictures to help us relate.

Their Ame is always a one who will share
All things she has recently done.
And Abbe, her studies, or notes to compare,
Or simply how she's having fun.

Now Sheryl will keep you updated for certain
She talks at the drop of a hat.
A running commentary of how she is hurtin'
Or where Jo, Elissa or Evan is at.

When Gary and Connie at first came online
We were deluged with pictures galore.
Since then, his computer ain't doing too fine
I wish he would click on "Restore"

My April made WEBsites on X-Files and such,
That made me the proudest of Daddies.
But lately, she works, and she studies so much
(And also goes out with the Laddies.)

For Cindy of Connecticut and Cyndi of Bemidji
They're both in the process of moving.
Oh where, oh where in our lives could they be?
It seems a report is behooving.

Uncle Dean as we know has mounds of advice.
His wisdom is here to the stars.
On Medicine, Healing, of Bedbugs and Lice
Or anything dealing with Cars.

Cousin Val could be counted on to keep me informed
Of how Joshua was doing in school.
If he got in a fight and had to be warned,
She was first to be heard, as a rule.

We patiently wait for Duane, Ben and Ollie,
For Judy and, of course, Max Prohaska.
For Shari and Mary and Debbie and Molly
I think they've all gone to Alaska.

I'm sure I've forgotten some names in the mix,
I'm not as exacting as Linda
But give me a break, I'm almost fifty six.
My memory has gone out the winda.

Well, that's enough, I guess. I've been working on this off and on for three days. I was originally going to try to make a verse about everybody, but holy socks, I haven't really touched the tip on the ice-burg.

Rick Northup