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Rick Northup's Experimental Sonnet
Experimental Sonnet

by Rick Northup

An Experimental Sonnet

"Your absence makes my heart grow fonder still."
Just say it once, and meditate the act.
The meaning, and the truth are there, and will
Impress itself upon your mind, as fact.

"Our separation breeds a miscontent."
Now think awhile...You know it's also true.
A break begun...depart...enlarge the rent.
A well-known fact, yet seen by very few.

Two statements made...(and both were made in fun)
One must be false, because they disagree.
Yet, you can't find a wrong in either one.
Reworded proverbs, both, as you can see.

The first defies the last... the last, the first.
Yet, to defy the first OR last, you durst.

Written by: Richard L. Northup
In the Navy at the San Diego Sub Base Library on Point Loma
In 11 1/2 minutes for a friend, as a demonstration.

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