Cover Me up with Sand

by Rick Northup

Cover Me Up With Sand

I. Cover me up with sand, Beloved.
Spare me the trials of life. Come, hold my hand.
Show me the path through the jungle's wrath. Protect me.
Please, hover, Lover...Cover me up with sand.

II. I've watched the buzzard's feast, My Dear.
Near froze in the arctic snows. Don't be misled.
I've qualmlessly walked from a mugger's stalk. I'm fearless.
Adrift on the briny...Never lost my head.

III. Yes, I've been around the world, My Love.
I've seen it all, that I ever want to see.
I've risked my life, for a beggar's fife. I've had it.
So cover me up with sand...And marry me.

By Rick Northup
21 December 1965

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