WebSite Woes
WEBsite Woes

I was writing a letter,
Just like Ben's only Better,
When to my surprise,
And before my very eyes,
The computer was farting,
And stopping and starting.

I couldn't proceed,
So paying no heed
To the ominous warnings,
(My fingers were warming).
They were flailing so fast,
I near fell on my (Butt).

To access, I'm trying
My WEBsite, through sighing.
But the 'puter won't hear of it.
It seems to have a fear of it.

Like Linsky for ages
She had with my pages.
It seems like the Crest
At her pleading request,
I had to delete.
And I did, in defeat.
But now it is Ben
Who has taken his pen
And tried to destroy
My morale and my toy.

My WEBsite of Art
That I tried to impart
To all of you souls
Who have gone to the polls,
To let it be known,
[And through this have shown
How much we are blest
(Even though there's no Crest)
With a heritage fine
In the Northup family line,
And an increasing bent
Without earning a cent
To share with each other.]

(And even my Mother,
Who, much like a pox,
Is really a Knox.)

But, Please, I digress.
I'm in such a mess,
I can't seem to end
Without starting again.

So it's off to Cologne
With rye and bologna,
And cheese, and Sauvignon
To a nudist cologne
In France, on the Rhogne.
(Ooops, That should be "Rhine"
But, it just didn't rhyme.
I caught it in time,
And with skills I have honed,
I just changed it to "Rhogne".)

Anyway, that's my excuse for why I still have not added Ben's latest poem to the Northup Family Literature page.

Ricky Ticky

P.S. I did finally get the computer to work, hence these latest offerings. Check out A Hunting Trip and Appreciation for the Prequel and the Sequel to this offering.