Thinkin' of You

By Rick Northup (on WESTPAC Cruise, 1964)

Sittin' on a hillside, soakin' up the sun;

Thinkin' of my true Love, for me, the only one.

Standin' on the Flight Deck, Gazin' at the sea;

Wishin' that my Baby was standin' next to me.

Lookin' at the spray flyin' high above the bow;

Listenin' to the ocean's mighty roar.

Wishin' that my Honey-duck could be beside me now;

Watchin' wind and water wagin' war.

Loungin' in an oriental tea and liquor dump;

Moonin' o'er a glass of watered scotch.

Lookin' at the stage, where nearly naked strippers bump;

Wishin' she was here to help me watch.

From purple valleys, deep, to mountains, high;

Across that wide expanse of lonely blue.

In country woods or cities scrapin' sky;

Where e'er I am, my Dear...I think of you.

Author's note:
This poem was professionally set to music and copywrited.

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