O Thonde es mi Taco Babe??

by Rick Northup; circa 1964

O Thonde es mi Taco Babe

I wander 'round a sleeping town. My head is in a whirl.
My thoughts are back along the track of time. Three months ago.
I met her in Rialto, when I met some relatives.
We had to part...now, in my heart, a lonely memory lives.


Where, oh, where is my lovely little Spanish girl??
Please, Mister Seagull, won't you tell me??
Go now, and ask her to give my heart another whirl.
Seagull, bring her back to me.

My dragging feet, life's problems meet. My head is in a whirl.
I can't pretend, I must contend...I love my Spanish girl.
Those flashing eyes, her loving sighs, her disconcerting glance
to me are dead. I bow my head, my tumbled mind, ascance.


The crumpled note to me she wrote, I read with sinking heart.
"You couldn't see your love for me. Now we shall have to part."
She told me of my fabled love. It stung me to the core.
Her scathing scorn...My heart is torn...She ended; "Con Amor".


The seagull's shreik through gaping beak, arrests my wand'ring thoughts.
With gleaming eyes, his shoulders rise. His wings, like sails, are caught.
The seagull gone, the wind blows on...The silent waters, black.
I softly tell that ancient well, "My Darling's coming back."

CHORUS: By Rick Northup
Set to music in 1964

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