Now That You're Beside Me Once Again

By Rick Northup (on WESTPAC Cruise, 1964)

I. I walk the same streets that I walked once before

When the echoes of your love were there to haunt me.

The lights of the night are so beautiful, once more,

When before, they only seemed to want to taunt me.


Now I walk in sunshine, where it once was rain.

The mountain I was climbing, is a level plain.

And the heart-break of

our broken love

Is gone, now you're beside me once again.

II. The old familar places that we spent our time within

Made the tears well up with longing so for you, Dear.

Now, they seem to smile and wave, and beg me to come in.

For I know that I will always have you near.


Finale: Once again, and I'm so happy, deep within,

Now that you're beside me once again.

Author's note:
This poem was set to music in 1965.

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