"My Left Hand"

I'm really pretty versatile, but no way ambidextrous.

My left hand's never far afield, in fact is right there next to us.

He's always there at my command,

To lend his bro' a Helping Hand

Nor thinks his work is dull or bland,

I'd like for you to understand, He's really quite infectuous.

My right hand's quick to grab a bolt and place it where he sees it.

This leaves the nut for Lefty, though he really can't believe it.

He grabs the nut and working blind,

With washers, too he takes his time

To place them carefully behind

He's pretty smooth and so sublime, you wonder how he feels it.

Because he's always waiting on The Right, has taught him patience.

He's always being called upon to work in awkward places.

The Right Hand's always Brash and Proud.

But Lefty does what he's allowed.

No task too great, he's never cowed,

So though he's not so well endowed, My Left Hand is the Greatest.

Written by:

Richard L. Northup

On 08 April 2005