"Gonna build us a barn."

We're going to build you a barn.
Even if you don't own a farm.
We've all decided
That pending good weather,
We'll all get together,
To get Judy's house resided.

Julie has made her request.
So we should give her our best.
This talent will require art.
Into details you know
I can not go
Until she has done her part.

John and Cheryl do need more space.
So every thing will have it's own place.
We will look into material cost
Get a license, draw a plan,
Clear some trees off the land
And get ready before summer's lost.

A reunion this Fourth of July,
Will mean work for you and I.
The schoolhouse could use a good cleaning
Scrubbing, clearing, roofing, sweeping,
Plumbing, painting, making room for sleeping.
The first week of July is what Ron is deeming.

We're going to build you a barn.
So it won't do you no harm,
To get stuff together for that project ahead
Get ready for what we have in store
And plan for a visit you can't ignore
For we'll do just as we've said.

By Cheryl Ballek