"Arctic Journey."

A little something I wrote some time ago:

The wind it blows
Like cold hard whips
Through clothes and hair
With rejections' lips

His heart's as cold
As winds' great gusts
Sent to walk
The outdoors' wrath

The king he knew
He sent him out
To walk North's cold
For love of gold

The snows they blow
Swept by the wind
Who's chill it mirrors
His heart of ice

A kingdom's wrath
Few would tempt
And nowhere didst
He find a rest

Except for once
An old man
Welcomed him
And gave him warmth

Kindness came
Kindness gathered
His heart so cold
It melted there

He knew his sins
He knew his past
And now for once
He cared at last

Into the snows once more
He walked through winds
Winds so cold
They cut through all.

The winds they knew
His sins and sorrows
But now they held
No more power

He trudged for days
Through snows and wind
And finally came
To castles' walls

In he went
To warmth and comfort
Where kindness dwelt
And goodness guided

His feet they walked
To King's chambers
And tears there spilt
Of times long lost

Down two faces
Their cleansing powers
Flowed through souls
Bringing sorrow

Hearts lifted
Souls soared
Through plains of gladness
Together once more

Lips opened
Worlds tumbled out
From banished face
I love you father.