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Shirley Ina Knox was born November 28, 1887, the daughter of Myron Wesley and Hattie (Gardiner) Knox on 7 Apr 1894. She married (1) Rev. Alfeed Hall-Quest 08/26/1908 Divorced 10/13/1924

(2) William Hart (B. 03/22/1881; D. 05/03/1928) on 10/26/1924 Shirley died February 1, 1959

Shirley Ina Knox graduated from Bemidji High School, class of 1907. While they were living on the Homestead in Nebish Township, the family attended the Presbyterian Church in Blackduck where Rev. Alfred Hall-Quest was pastor. They soon fell in love, but she continued her schooling after he resigned in Blackduck and took a call in St Joseph, Mo. After her graduation, they were married in her parents place in Nebish, after which they took the train via Duluth to St Paul and then on down the Mississippi River to St Joseph by boat to their new home in Missouri. Sixteen years later they made a splash in the newspapers around the country, when she fell in love again to a former Officer in the British Army, who was a CPA in Chicago. She left her husband and moved into an apartment with him. In a highly publicized dual divorce, both partners succumbed to divorce proceedings so the infatuated couple could get married. The new marriage only lasted four years, when he died on 03 May 1928 at 48 years of age. Shirley Ina Knox page is under continuous construction. Check back often for updates.

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Shirley at the time of her divorce and remarriage to Wm Hart