Rick And Donna's
Trip To Florida
In Missouri   In Arkansas   In Louisiana   In Alabama  
At The Botanical Gardens   On the Bahama Cruise   At the Epcot Center   At the Kennedy Space Center  
In South Carolina   At Ben's Place   In North Carolina   At Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown  
At Larry and Allie's Place   In New England   At Niagra Falls   In Chicago  
Another Shot of Alligator   An Alligator On A Log in Silver Springs   An Alligator Swamp at Saw Grass   Bambi Deer at Silver Springs  
Bears At Silver Springs   Boats At Cedar Key   Buzzards At Saw Grass   More Buzzards  
Cedar Key Water Front   Clam Farming At Cedar Key   Fishing Dock On Cedar Key   Fish In One Of the Silver Springs  
Rare Florida Panther At Saw Grass   Giraffe At Silver Springs   Turtles On Log at Silver Springs   Donna and Josh In Rain at Silver Springs  
Gray Pelican at Cedar Key   Grizzlies At Silver Springs   Gulls and Pelicans At Cedar Key   Indian Village At Saw Grass  
Josh And Pelican On Rail   Josh And Blue Heron   Josh At Cedar Key   Josh Bird Watching  
Josh Imitating Bear   Josh Holds Alligator at Saw Grass   Josh On Dock At Cedar Key   Josh Sneaking Closer  
Ardie   David Binkley and Di at Light House   David Binkley With Rick and Paul   Di and Gail at Ardie and Mike's  
Diana At Cedar Key   DI, Galena and David Binkley and Rick   Diana and Paul at Saw Grass   Donna At Cedar Key  
Donna Poses With the Dolphins At Cedar Key   Gail and Josh   Michael John and Rick   Rick And Ardie  
Paul and Di at Cedar Key   Paul On Dock At Cedar Key   Pelican At Cedar Key   Pelican On Boat  
Pelican On Dock   Pelicans On Dock At Cedar Key   Pelican With Josh   Rheas At Silver Springs  
Rhesus Monkeys at Silver Springs   Rock Hyrax at Saw Grass   Close Up Of The Rock Hyrax   Saw Grass In EverGlades  
The Pet Alligator Josh Got to Hold     Lighthouse Mock Up at Cedar Key   Jungle Plants  
SawGrass Swamp   Seminole Chief at Silver Springs   The First of the 7 Silver Springs   Turtles And Alligator On Log At Silver Springs  
    Old Boat In Mammoth Spring   Mammoth Spring Cave Opening  
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