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Alternative Income Sources This is the Commercial Portal of this WEBsite.

It will show you where you can buy a nice Garland, Wreath or other Christmas decoration from Northup Farms, and it will show you how you can make your own.

I have worked at many different things over the years, and it has been my intention to show others how to do the same. I have not been very successful in this endeavor, however, and in 1999, I decided to give it all up and go back to work for Lucent Technologies, and get myself some retirement income and Operating Capital. I am coming up on Retirement soon, and expect to be able to devote full-time effort into what has always been My Passion.

Last year, we started Pleasant Valley Solutions, Inc. I am pumping what money I can afford into this last ditch effort of showing others what I have learned and help them to do the same things I have done. To begin with, we are doing Land-scaping and Lawn-Care, because I think it is the most opportune method of providing income and training to our relatively young and inexperienced work force. In addition to that, my Brother, Ron has a going Landscaping and Lawncare business in Thief River Falls, and My Sister, Diana has been a Master Gardener, and is highly trained in Garden design. We feel we have a lot to offer in the area of Home Beautification. We are confidant we can use that expertise to help us along. Two others of my brothers are General Building Contractors, plus my Nephew, David Samuelson is a General Building Contractor and Architect and we expect to very quickly expand into building decks, fences and additions, and from there into a full-scale Building Operation.

The PVSI Website is being designed and will presently be linked to this site.

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This is my Alternative Building Design Page, only I've barely started scanning in plans. Really, though, I am planning to scan plans, man. Learn how to build a shelter in a day that you will live in for a week while you build the cabin that you will live in for a year while you build the Log Home that you will live in for a life-time. There are pictures of the over 4000 Sq Ft Log Home we built in 1981. Or do like I did in 1998 and throw up a 20 by 32 foot greenhouse for under $400.00. People don't believe me when I tell them what it cost me to build one of these, and I have built a few since then, using similar techniques. They say, Okay build me one. Heck no, man (or lady) "Build your own!!" I'll show you how, though. All it'll cost you is to be my buddy forever and get on MSN chat with me. In the Fall of 2001 a bunch of us Northup Siblings and offspring of same got together and added on a couple bedrooms, bath and dining expansion plus a single car attached garage for my Mom. There are links to photos of the progress of this project, plus a few others. We don't hire anyone for anything. I've built all my own buildings, with help from some friends. Cousin Duane has built his own Back-Hoe so he could dig up his sewer line and fix his dry well. We have drilled many wells in the family and put in our own septic systems. When My Brother, Ron and I decided to start doing our own Building, the first thing we did was to go shopping for a saw-mill. Much of what we have built has used materials sawn from one of four different saw-mills we have owned and operated, sawing timber right off the back forty when it seemed prudent. We also have a 12" surface planer from BELL Saw and a much bigger commercial four side planer and a re-saw for sizing boards coming off the mill. My Alternative Life Styles Page (Below) gets into this in more detail. Alternative Building Pages
How to do Your Own Construction
Shacks, Shanties and Shelters
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Alternative Medicine
Herbal Alternatives
And Growing Organic
In a short time of living in the wilderness, we became aquainted with many Native Americans. They taught us more darn stuff. I learned first of all, that the town of Nebish, (Ojibway for "tea colored"), where we first lived up here is named for the Wild Tansy that grows there, and not some reference to the Yiddish "Nebish (Little Nerd)". My home town of Puposky is located on Puposky (Mud) Lake and the name comes from the sound your foot makes when you jerk it out of the mud. They introduced us to nature's own endless and bountiful supply of remedial herbs.

The picture on the left is Purple Coneflower. It is not native to Minnesota, but does very well there, and is hardy to Zone 2. Dig the root late in the Fall and hang it to dry. Grind it to make a powder that you can mix with Vinegar or Alcohol to make a tincture, (Brandy works nicely.) Or as a tea...2 ounces of herb to 8 ounces liquid. When you feel a cold coming on, gargle a little of this several times a day until the symptoms disappear. Do not take echinacea for extended times, as an immunity will develop. Some like to use it every other week in cold and flu season and report never catching a cold. Visit the Northup Family BLOG for more information on The Ten Commandments for Good Health, plus many other varied subjects of interest.

My friend, Erica informs me that the native Stag Horn Sumac was used extensively by the Native Americans for a wide variety of purposes, including Tanning, Dying and as a Medicine. The Berry also makes a very tasty Wine. Go to Jack Keller to learn how. We learned to drink Tansy Tea grown native in "Nebish" and how to strip and chew willow bark for our headaches. After a while, we got into the Greenhouse Business and we kept an herb garden going winter and summer in there until we moved back to the big city. We grew organic and kept the mosquitos at bay with Citronella. Sometimes the bugs drove me crazy and I got out the Raid, though. I'm only human.

Of late, I have gotten more and more into eating right and have linked to many Herbal sites, as well as building my own. Clicking on the Link will bring you to my Herbal Alternatives Page where you may learn to buy and grow organic. It will link to Alternative Medicine WEBsites and how to buy Healthy as well as Cheap.

Or, You may want to check out these additional Alternative Medicine Websites: / Alternative - Alternative Web Directory

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Echinacea Purpurea; The common Purple Cone Flower. Harvest the root and take along with zinc supplement to ward off the common cold.

Weather for Bemidji, Minnesota
See what it's like living in zone # 2

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Living off the Land

Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) pictured.
We tap the Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple)
for syrup. I'll show you how.

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