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Minerals are essential for good health. The body utilizes over 80 minerals for maximum function. Because our plants
and soils are so nutrient depleted, even if we eat the healthiest foods, we are not getting all the minerals we need.
Evidence of mineral malnutrition are various minor and serious health conditions such as energy loss, premature
aging, diminished senses, and degenerative diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancer. In many cases, these
could be prevented with proper mineral supplementation. The more you learn about the benefits of minerals, the more
you will be able to take charge of your own health!

Every living cell depends on minerals for proper structure and function. Minerals are needed for the formation of blood
and bones, the proper composition of body fluids, healthy nerve function, proper operation of the cardiovascular system,
among others. Like vitamins, minerals function as coenzymes, enabling the body to perform its functions including energy
production, growth and healing. Because all enzyme activities involve minerals, they are essential for the proper utilization
of vitamins and other nutrients. Nutritionally, minerals are grouped into two categories: bulk or essential minerals, also called
macrominerals, and trace minerals or microminerals. Macrominerals such as calcium and magnesium are needed by the body
in larger amounts. Although only minute quantities of trace minerals are needed, they are nevertheless important for good
health. Microminerals include boron, chromium, iron, zinc, and many others.

Three basic classifications of minerals exist. They are "metallic minerals," "chelated minerals," and "colloidal minerals."
Metallic minerals are found in their pure elemental form or as salts such as sodium chloride and zinc sulfate. They are the
most commonly used form in nutritional supplements, esspecially for the essential minerals, because larger amounts are
indicated. They are generally the least expensive form of minerals but their primary disadvantage is that their degree of
absorption is the least of all three forms. Although they have their place, metallic minerals do not represent the full spectrum
of all the trace minerals that are known to be of value in human nutrition.

Chelated minerals are the next step up the ladder in so far as the body's ability to assimilate. The term "chelate" originates
from a Greek word that means "claw." In this process, be it either in the laboratory or in nature itself, a metallic mineral is
"chelated" with an amino acid. The amino acid actually surrounds the metallic mineral like a claw and thereby helps to solubilize
it, making the "mineral chelate" more bioavailable or useful to the body. Examples of chelated minerals are the magnesium
aspartate (magnesium chelated with the natural aspartic acid) and chromium picolinate (chromium chelated with picolinic acid).
In many cases, chelated minerals are about 40% more efficient in regards to absorption and assimilation into the body than
metallic minerals.

Colloidal minerals are those that occur in nature in the colloid state. That is, they are minute particles that either are or can be
easily dispersed in a medium such as water. In that they are made up of such small particles, there is a major increase in surface
area giving them greater exposure to the liquid or solvent they are to be distributed in. This results in increased solubility,
bioavailability, absorption, and usefulness to the body. Plant-derived colloidal minerals provide the best of all forms of minerals
not only because of this increased solubility but also because they are associated with natural plant tissue. This gives them all the
advantages of chelated and metallic minerals and more!


note: "humic shale" is an inappropriate label for what is technically know as polyfloramin. Colloidal Soil is the commercial term and will be used throughout this article. Extensive quotes are used from 'Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures" by Dr. Joel Wallach. CREATION of Colloidal Soil and Minerals:

Colloidal Soil originated from plants some 75 million years ago, those lush tropical plants took up the 60 plus metallic minerals available to them from a fertile soil that had as many as 84 minerals.

A volcanic eruption covered these mineral rich forests with a thin layer of mud and ash, thick enough to create an air-tight "vault" and dried or dessicated the plants into a deep accumulation.

The entombed Colloidal Soil never fossilized or petrified, in other words they never become rocks. Colloidal soil can be used as an excellent soil conditioner for organic gardens, farms and ranches as it supplies a rich source of humus and no less than 60 plant derived colloidal minerals.

CONTENT of Colloidal Soil and Minerals:

SPARK SOURCE MASS SPECTOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF COLLOIDAL SOIL Concentrations in ppm unless otherwise noted.

Tantalum 0.6 Lutetium 0.05 Ytterbium 0.2 Thulium 0.02 Erbium 0.1 Holmium 0.1 Dysrosium 0.5 Terbium 0.1 Gadolinium 0.1 Europium 0.1 Samarium 0.8 Neodymium 0.8 Praseodymium0.4 Cerium 4.0 Lanthanum 2.0 Barium 0.3 Cesium 0.1 Iodine 0.1 Tin 0.03 Cadmium 0.1 Silver 0.2 Molybdenum 0.04 Niobium 0.02 Zirconium 0.2 Yurium 4.0 Strontium 14.0 Rubidium 0.8 Bromine 0.2 Selenium 0.9 Germanium <0.01 Gallium 0.1 Zinc 47.0 Copper 2.0 Nickel 30.0 Cobalt 9.0 Iron 43.0 Manganese 36.0 Chromium 0.4 Vanadium 0.1 Titanium 1.0 Scandium 0.1 Calcium 1gm/L Potassium 1gm/L Chlorine 8.0 Sulfur 1gm/L Phosphorus 12.0 Silicon 1gm/L Magnesium 1gm/L Sodium 1gm/L Flourine 5.0 Boron 0.2 Beryllium 0.1 Lithium 10.0

Colloidal Soil can also be ground into a fine plant flour and soaked for three to four weeks in filtered spring water until it reaches a specific gravity of 3.0, it then provides a high quality plant derived colloidal mineral supplement that contains 38 grams of plant derived colloidal minerals per liter." Content Analysis of T.J. Clark Formula ppm unless otherwise noted Aluminum 107.0 Antimony 0.3 Arsenic <1 Barium 0.5 Beryllium <0.1 Bismuth <0.5 Boron 0.8mg/L Bromine Trace Cadmium <5. Calcium 300. Cerium <5 Cesium <0.5 Chlorine Trace Chromium <0.3 Cobalt <1 Copper 4.0 Dysprosium <1. Erbium <1 Europium <1 Flourine Trace Gadolinium <0.5 Gallium 1. Germanium <0.5 Gold <0.1 Hafnium <1. Holmium <0.5 Indium <0.5 Iodine <0.1 Iridium <1. Iron 1000. Lanthanum <0.5 Lead <0.8 Lithium 16. Lutetium <0.1 Magnesium 2000 Manganese 20. Molybdenum <1. Neodymium <10 Nickel 2. Niobium <1 Osmium <1. Palladium <0.5 Phosphorus <30 Platinum <0.5 Potassium 4. Praseodymium<10 Rhenium <0.5 Rhodium <0.5 Rubidium 4. Ruthenium <0.5 Samarium <1 Scandium <1 Selenium<0.2mg/L Silicon 60. Silver <0.1 Sodium 300. Strontium 4. Sulfur Trace Tantalum Trace Tellurium <5 Terbium <1. Thallium <5 Thorium <5 Thulium <0.5 Tin <0.3 Titanium <0.1 Tungsten <5 Vanadium <0.5 Ytterbium <0.1 Yttrium <0.1 Zinc <8 Zirconium <1 "It takes about 78 pounds of Colloidal Soil to reach the concentration of 38 grams of colloidal minerals per liter; this represents approximately 1034 pounds of fresh, lush prehistoric, green, mineral rich plants. The fluid extract of high grade Colloidal Soil contains no less than 60 plant derived colloidal minerals and is 98% assimilable for animals and humans." EFFECT of Colloidal Soil and Minerals: # Bar graph 3 - Bio electonic test, by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, to be inserted here soon. BIO-ELECTRONIC TEST done by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, well known Biophysicist and professor at the Kaiserlautern University in Germany. (Transcript of letter from Dr. Gottfried Lange of Elmshorn, Germany, dated January 18, 1992, describing the protocol used in the test done on the product, T.J.Clark Mineral Formula. All living organisms emit certain electromagnetic waves. If they are in a healthy condition, they emit more. If not, they emit less. This phenomena is is common to all forms of cells. This electromagnetic emission is called biophotons. In these tests "acetabularia mediterranea", a certain very sensitive algae from the Mediterranean Sea is used. This algae is so sensitive to ecological influences that there are scarcely any of these algae left in the Mediterranean. The test, using this form of algae, is a scientifically recognized method of determining whether or not a substance is toxic, or to what degree a substance is beneficial to cells. The test was carried out by one of the world's leading biophysicists, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp. The letter from Dr. Popp announcing the results of the test, congragulates Dr. Lange on the excellence of the product. A summary of the results is shown in the accompanying graph and explained below. 1/ The first two bars of the graph show the photon emission of the cells which had an optimum vitamin nutrient solution, called "100%V*", given to them. The green bar measures the photon emission at the start of the test. The following yellow bar shows the photon emission after a period of three days without additional nutrients given to them. 2/ The second set of two bars show the photon emission of cells given only a 10% V nutrient, and after the three day period, are termed as cells "under great stress", and without further nutrients would die. 3/ The third set of two bars were again only given the 10% V solution, but a 1.4ul**(micro liter) amount of the T.J. Clark Minerals was added to the solution. A significant improvement is shown, even though there was only a 10% V nutrient given. 4/ In the fourth set of two bars, again only a 10%V solution was added and the amount of Clark's minerals was reduced to only .14ul. The improvement was even greater, showing that vitamin utilization is greatly enhanced with only small amounts of the product. 5/ The vitamin withdrawal is fully compensated for after the three day period. This was considered a very significant result, and corresponds with the many testimonies that have been observed with users of the product over the last 70 years. EXPECTED EFFECT OF COLLOIDAL SOIL AND MINERALS ON PLANTS; Reduces overall plant stress. Enhanced seed germination and growth. Assistance in root and shoot development. Increased resistance to harmful fungi and viruses. Complexes and chelates metals and minerals. Nutrient uptake enhanced. Oxygen metabolism stimulated. Shortened growth cycle. RNA, DNA support. Improves catalysis of respiration. Protein metabolism increases. Enzyme activity increases. Cell membrane permeability enhanced. Cell Division and elongation enhanced. Aids in synthesis of chlorophyll. More drought tolerance. Growth and yield increases. Assists denitrification by microbes. Capacity to buffer ph. Aids synthesis of new minerals. Helps decomposition. Assist creation of new fertile soil. Scavenge and convert heavy metals. Detoxify pollutants. Delays precipitation of trace minerals. Prolongs residence of trace minerals. Accumulates sugars thereby reducing wilting. Improves iron chelation. End of: Creation, Content and Effect of Colloidal Soil.... COLLOIDS: WHAT ARE THEY? Chemistry's Miraculous Colloids/ Condensed from the Rockefeller Center Weekly Oct. 31, 1935 Reprinted from Readers Digest Magazine 1936 by KENNETH ANDREWS A group of executives sat tense and silent in an office in the RCA Building in New York City. They stared with incredulous eyes at a purple orchid. A short time before it had been rescued from a pile of debris, a withered, yellowed thing, dead. Now the petals were fresh and crisp, its colors vivid. It was blooming with new life, and it would continue to do so for 16 or 17 days! Dr. Frederick S. Macy, one of the country's outstanding bacteriologists, had added a teaspoonful of an amber-tinted liquid to the quart of water in the bottle which held the flower. Here was striking indication of the mysteries that lie ahead in that comparatively unexplored realm of science know as colloidal chemistry. It was one of innumerable experiments these gentleman had been witnessing for a year or more, on behalf of their internationally known pharmaceutical comany. A few days later they signed an 18-year contract for the rights to a solution similar to the one in Dr. Macy's Bottle. They will invest more than $2,000,000.00 a year in it from now on. To gain a working conception of what colloidal chemistry is, consider that living tissues and organs are simply great masses fo cells- billions of them. The energy, the very life-force of these cells, is obtained from certain minerals and metals, among them iron, iodine, manganese, copper. There are some 32, with traces of as many others, in the human body. Colloidal chemistry is the science which converts those elements into particles so minute that they can be utilized by living cells. Normally, nature supplies the cells with these elements in their colloidal form. Science has now learned to produce these colloids in the laboratory. "Lately, life has been prolonged by colloid action," says Dr. Macy," and better knowledge of the subject will certainly result in prolonging the normal term of existence." In the case of the apparently dead orchid, copper in colloidal form was needed to restore the proper balance of the mineral and metals that comprised the life cells of the flower. Once that balance was restored, the cells began to function and the orchid lived again. In the Colloidal Laboratories of America they have a motion picture which is as weird as any thing ever shown on a screen- a movie of a headache. The actors are the nerves in a human head, magnified millions of times. You see the headache. Those nerve endings are tangled, twisting, writhing. Then you see the colloids enter. These rescuers, smaller than the blood corpuscles themselves, march straight to the spot where there is an unbalance of the vital metals. You see those laboratory-prepared colloids restore normalcy there at the seat of the trouble. Then you see the nerves cease their twisting, relax, and assume their proper position. Dr. Steinmetz, the ewizard of electricity, devised a method of utilizing colloids in the treatment of sinus trouble. The Bide-a-Wee Home, New York's famous hospital for cats and dogs, can cure mange in three days, where it used to take three months. A large Midwestern city was freed from the scourge of goiter when colloidal iodine was added to the water supply. A famous institution for the treatment of alcoholism is experimenting with a colloidal solution which apparently not only overcomes the effects of excessive drinking but removes the craving as well. Such treatment consists of the introduction of metals-gold and iodine, in the case of alcoholism-which correct the unbalance caused by alcoholic poisons. The effect of colloids is explainable in part by electric action. Sick and dead and broken down cells are attracted to the colloids by electro-magnetic force, as iron filings are attracted to a magnet. The colloids carry those decayed or poisonous substances into the blood stream, and they are eliminated, the system meanwhile adapting what it needs of the colloids. A simple illustration will suggest the immense powers that are being unsealed. Suppose we have a cube of iron measuring an inch on each edge. The total surface would be six square inches. The electrical charge is on the surface; therefore, the greater the surface the greater the charge; and if we divide the cube of iron into smaller pieces we increase the surface areas. By colloidal chemistry that iron cube can be divided into particles so minute that they are invisible, hence instead of six square inches of surface emanating electric energy, we have something like 127 acres. In colloidal form iodine, for example, is one of the elements essential to the well-being of human cells. Yet if you should drink as much as two or three grains of free iodine, it would kill you. Dr. Macy, when explaining this, held up an eight ounce cup full of colloidal iodine. "There," he said, "is the equivalent of 740 grains of free iodine -- enough to kill 300 men." And he drank it. In that form iodine is not only harmless but beneficial. The same is true of arsenic and other deadly poisons. Colloidal Chemistry was evolved by David Graham, a British chemist, 50 years ago, but only recently has it been realized even by scientists what an enormous influence it is destined to have in medicine, agriculture, industry. "We have television now," one of the world's greatest scholars said recently. "There is, as I see it, just one great development left for our time. That is in the understanding of colloidal metals. It is the 'Fourth Estate of Matter,' the other three being land, water, and air." Says Dr. Macy: "The study of these phenomena constitutes the road to the ultimate in human knowledge. FACTS ABOUT MINERALS 1/ 99 Percent of the American population is deficient in minerals. A marked deficiency in any important mineral will result in disease. 2/ The mammalian body is limited in its ability to chelate minersals from elements in nature. However, plants chelate minerals for us allowing proper absorption and assimilation at the cell level. Mineral efficiency is enhanced by covalent minerals as outlined on the Mineral Wheel by Dr. Paul Eck. #4 graph to be inserted here THE MINERAL WHEEL IN TEXT FORM: Mineral: Covalent to Phosphorus -Iron, Beryllium, Aluminum, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, Magnesium, Zinc. Cobalt -Iron and Iodine. Nitrogen -Molybdenum. Iron -Calcium, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Cobalt. Selenium -Sulfur, Arsenic. Sodium -Phosphorus, Lithium, Potassium. Calcium -Iron, Phosphorus, Chromium, Sulfur, Flourine, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese. Silver -Copper. Cadmium -Copper. Beryllium -Phosphorus. Aluminum -Phosphorus, Flourine. Copper -Cadmium, Silver, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Zinc, Molybdenum. Manganese -Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Lithium. Potassium -Sodium, Iron, Magnesium. Molybdenum -Copper, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfur. Iodine -Cobalt, Flourine, Arsenic. Magnesium -Potassium, Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus. Lithium -Sodium. Zinc -Copper, Cadmium, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Sulfur. Chlorine -None Arsenic -Iodine, Selenium. Flourine -Calcium, Aluminum, Iodine. Sulfur -Selenium, Calcium, Copper, Molybdenum, Zinc. Chromium -Calcium. 3/ The body must have mineral supplies adequate to maintain osmotic equilibrium. This allows for normal bodily function and therefore health. The body will insure balance of minerals in the blood at all costs. The human body will readily cannibalize its self to maintain balance in the bloodstream. ELEMENTS IN MAMMALIAN BLOOD, PLASMA and RED CELLS. Element Symb. Mg 1-1 blood mg1-1 plasma mg1-1 red cells atoms/red cell Silver Af 0.024 G 0.004 G (0.051) 23000 Aluminum Al 0.32 G 0.44 G (0.16) 270000 Arsenic As 0.49 0.040 (1.1) 700000 Gold Au 0.00004 <0.0025 L (0.00004?) 10 Boron B 0.13 A 0.17 (0.077) 340000 Barium Ba 0.069 G 0.079 E, G (0.056) 19000 Berylllium Be <0.0001 <0.004 L (<0.0001) <500 Bismuth Bi <0.01 <0.0006 L (<0.0006) <150 Bromine Br 4.6 3.9 (5.6) 3.3 x 10-6 Carbon C 94200 40500 16600 6.6 x 10-11 Calcium Ca 62 G 99 6.3? H,I,J 7.5 x 10-6 Cadmium Cd 0.0074 A <0.09 (0.015) 6300 Cerium Ce <0.002 L (<0.002?) Chlorine Cl 2900 3950 1890 2.5 x 10-9 Cobalt Co 0.00033 0.00038 K 0.00015 120 Chromium Cr 0.026?A,O 0.024 0.020 18000 Cesium Cs 0.0028 0.0031 (0.0028) 1000 Copper Cu 1.07 1.12 0.98 730000 Dysprosium Dy <0.002 L (<0.002?) <600 Erbium Er <0.006 L (<0.006?) <1700 Europium Eu <0.004 L (<0.004?) <1200 Flourine F 0.36 0.28? 0.43? 1.1 x 10-6 Iron Fe 475 1.14 1110 9.5 x 10-9 Gallium Ga 0.00052 <0.006 L (0.0005?) 340 Gadolinium Gd <0.002 L (<0.002?) <600 Germanium Ge <0.03 L (<0.06) <40000 Hydrogen H 98000 106000 87000 4.1 x 10-12 Hafnium Hf <0.002 L (<0.002?) <500 Mercury Hg 0.0065 0.0030 0.0067 2600 Holmium Ho <0.002 L (<0.002?) <600 Iodine I 0.063 D 0.077 (0.044) 16000 Indium In <0.004 L (<0.004?) <1600 Iridium Ir <0.0025 L (<0.0025?) <600 Potassium K 1690 170 3690 4.5 x 10-9 Lanthanum La <0.006 L (<0.006?) <2000 Lithium Li <0.005 E (<0.005?) <30000 Lutetium Lu <0.0006 L (<0.0006?) <160 Magnesium Mg 41 22 61 1.2 x 10-8 Manganese Mn 0.026 0.0029 0.022 19000 Molybdenum Mo 0.0041 F (<0.008) <5000 Nitrogen N 33000 12000 51000 1.7 x 10-11 Sodium Na 1990 3280 260 5.4 x 10-8 Niobium Nb <0.01 L (<0.002?) <700 Nickel Ni 0.038 A 0.042 0.049 40000 Oxygen O 775000 848000 698000 2.1 x 10-12 Osmium Os <0.0025 L (<0.0025?) <500 Phosphorus P 370 132 620 9.5 x 10-7 Lead Pb 0.27 0.043 0.34 78000 Palladium Pd <0.01 L (<0.01?) <4500 Praseodymium Pr 0.05 L (<0.05?) <17000 Platinum Pt <0.04 L (<0.04?) <10000 Radium Ra <2 x 10-13? (<2 x 10-13?) <1 Rubidium Rb 2.7? 1.2? 5.3? 3 x 10-6 Rhenium Re <0.002 L (<0.002?) <500 Rhodium Rh <0.004 L (<0.004?) <2000 Ruthenium Ru <0.004 L (<0.004?) <2000 Sulfur S 2040 1220 3600 5.4 x 10-9 Antimony Sb 0.0047 0.054? L (<0.005?) 2000 Scandium Sc 0.075? <0.03 L (<0.14) <150000 Selenium Se 0.27 F, N 0.11 0.26? 160000 Silicon Si 4.0 2.5 C, M 4.1? 7 x 10-6 Samarium Sm <0.002 L (<0.002?) <600 Tin Sn 0.13? 0.033? 0.25? 100000 Strontium Sr 0.39? G 0.038? L (0.040?) 22000 Tantalum Ta <0.006 L (<0.006?) <1500 Terbium Tb 0.0006 L (<0.0006?) <180 Tellurium Te <0.03 L (<0.03?) <11000 Thorium Th 0.04? (0.04?) 8000 Titanium Ti 0.026 <0.04 L (<0.056) <55000 Thallium Tl <0.02 <0.0025 L (<0.02) <5000 Thullium Tm <0.0006 L (<0.0006?) <180 Uranium U 0.00055 B <0.001 L (<0.0011?) <220 Vanadium V 0.017? 0.010? P (0.026?) 25000 Tungsten W 0.001 (<0.002) <500 Yttrium Y <0.01 L (<0.01?) <5000 Ytterbium Yb <0.002 L (<0.002?) <600 Zinc Zn 6.5 1.6 12.3 8.9 x 10-6 Zirconium Zr <0.006 L (<0.006?) <3000 Red cell concentrations were mostly calculated from blood and plasma concentrations, assuming that 1 liter of blood = 572 ml plasma + 428 ml red cells; calculated values are enclosed in brackets. Atoms/red cells were calculated assuming there are 1.26 x 10-13 red cells per l of packed cells; hence atoms/red cell = 4.75 x 10-7 x m/A where there are m mg l-1 red cells, and the atomic weight is A. Most values are taken from the compilation by Bowen (1963) with the following additions: A--Imbus et al., 1963 I--Wallach et al., 1962 B--Boirie et al., 1962 J--Hunter, 1960 C--Aumonier and Quilichini, 1962 K--Parr and Taylor, 1964 D--Perkin and Lahey, 1940 L--Wolstenholme, 1964 E--Niedermayer et al., 1962 M--Ivanov and Rozenberg, 1962 F--Brune et al., 1964 N--Bowen and Cawse, 1963 G--Butt et al., 1964 O--Bowen, 1964 H--Keitel et al., 1955 P--Gofmaa et al., 1962 Coming soon here > Minerals: Their RDA's, actual requirements, pharmacologic doses, sources, effects, toxicity symptoms, deficiency symptoms, inhibitors & enhancers. 4/ All body processes depend on the action of minerals. All nutrients require minerals for processing and activity. 5/ Minerals are more important than vitamins. Vitamins are required for every biochemical activity of the body. Vitamins require minerals to enable their functions. Minerals catalyse and enable enzymes to function. Glandular hormone secretions are dependent upon mineral stimulation. PH of the tissue fluid is controlled by minerals. Pumping Action of the cell, allowing transfer of cell nutrients and waste, is controlled by minerals. One mineral deficiency is enough to disrupt the entire body balance. Mineral supplementation is critical to support body functions and maintain or develop health. These facts about minerals apply to plants, animals and man to differing degrees. In all forms of organic life minerals are essential. SOME SYMPTOMS OF MINERAL DEFICIENCIES IN PLANTS NITROGEN- Plants develop small, pale-yellow leaves, sometimes with brown edges. Growth is stunted. In bad cases, the plant looks really puny. Nitrogen is a "mobile" element. Symptoms start on older (lower) leaves because plants transfer nitrogen to new, actively growing leaves. PHOSPHORUS- Deficient plants are stunted. Foliage can turn deep green, often with a purplish cast, although cold weather can also bring on a purple color. Symptoms appear first on older leaves, which eventually turn brown and die. Leaves drop early. Flowering may stop. POTASSIUM- Symptoms affect mainly older leaves, which turn yellow from the margin inward and develop dead spots. Leaves may curl under, look scorched. Stems weaken, fruit shrivels and roots may rot. IRON- Leaves turn yellow between veins and may die from the edges inward. Otherwise, don't expect to see leaf spots. Youngest leaves show symptoms first. As deficiency worsens, symptoms spread to veins, to entire leaves, then plants die. SULFUR- Entire plant, including leaf veins, turns yellow. May show up on youngest leaves first. Veins usually lighter colored. Dead spots may develop. Plants are stunted, or their stems may be thin and stretched as though reaching for light. MAGNESIUM- Oldest leaves show symptoms first. Areas between leaf veins turn yellow while veins stay green. Yellowed areas can die suddenly. White spots may appear, or leaves become thin, brittle, puckered or turn bronze or purplish. MANGANESE- Youngest leaves turn yellow between the veins. The smallest veins stay green. Creating a checkerboard effect. Gray or tan spots develop in the yellow areas. Manganese is one of the micronutrients. CALCIUM- Deficiencies first appear in actively growing parts of plants: youngest leaves and tips of stems and roots. Leaves twist, look deformed, often with an upward "hook". Seedlings, young plants and roots die. Fruit gets blossom-end rot.


"Minerals in the soil control the metabolism of cells in plants, animals and man.  All of life will be either healthy or unhealthy 
according to the fertility of the soil." from 'Man the Unknown', 1912, Dr. Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize winner.

Even earlier, in 1894, Julius Hensel, in his work on the subject, 'Bread from Stones', poignantly remarked that "Our most optimistic 
expectations are no less than the realization of an old dream. What will fertilizing with rock dust accomplish?  It will turn stones 
into bread...make barren regions (fruitful) (and) feed the hungry."

Our own government admitted the true state of affairs as early as 1936 in U.S. Senate Document #264.  "Did you know that most of us 
today are suffering from certain dangerous diet deficiencies which cannot be remedied until the depleted soils from which our foods 
come are brought back into proper mineral balance?  99% of the American people are deficient in these minerals, a marked deficiency 
in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, 
but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless."

Does anyone wonder about the health of the nation?  Does wellness come from a laboratory in the form of red and green pills?  Can 
removing a diseased organ change the health of the whole being?  Will radiation or chemotherapy provide the critical missing elements
to living cells? 

"Sick soils make for sick plants, and sick plants when consumed make for sick animals and people." says Eric Curlee, 'American 
Survival Guide', June 96.

Because our soils are depleted of minerals so then all the foodstuffs grown on them are depleted also.  When we eat depleted foods 
day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, then we also develop depleted bodies with serious mineral 
deficiencies. These deficiencies cause starvation in our organs and tissues resulting in malfunctions and breakdowns called dis-ease.

Absurd, ridiculous, heresy, paranoid say many "educated" men.  Yet many others agree that "There is no doubt that malnutrition is the
most important problem confronting mankind at the present time." says Dr. Melchior Dikkers, Professor of Biochemistry and Organic
Chemistry at Loyola University.

"Nearly all non-infectious diseases that plague mankind are of recent origin." from Dr. Joseph D. Weissman, Associate Professor at 
UCLA College of Medicine.

Possibly the man who says it best, is Dr. William A. Albrecht, Chairman of the Department of Soils at the University of Missouri, 
"A declining soil fertility,due to a lack of organic material, major elements, and trace minerals, is responsible for poor crops and
in turn for pathological conditions in animals fed deficient foods from such soils, and that mankind is no exception."  Dr. Albrecht 
goes further to unequivocally lay the blame, "N P K formulas, as legislated and enforced by State Departments of Agriculture, mean
malnutrition, attack by insects, bacteria and fungi, weed takeover, crop loss in dry weather, and general loss of mental acuity in t
he population, leading to degenerative metabolic disease and early death."

Incredible, pointed, damning indeed, but how true? Our world leaders concluded, in an obscure paragraph, in the Earth Summit Report 
of 1992 from Rio Brazil that mineral depletion from soils over the last 100 years equals "74% in Africa, 76% in Asia, 55% in Australia,
72% in Europe, 76% in South America and in North America? 85%." Those are the amounts depleted not the  amounts remaining.

The following conditions are not just causes of sick plants they are symptoms of sick soil.  Parasitic insects which crawl, climb or 
fly.  Mold, fungi, virus or bacteria that prey on weak plants.  Crowding out by hardier weeds.  Crop failure due to radical weather or 
extreme temperature shifts.  Even extinction of Bees, Birds and other beneficial Insects and Creatures.

So...say the organic farmers.  Why are you telling me?  I use lime to balance the PH, introduce ladybugs, earthworms and micro-organisms
to re-establish life, provide organic matter for aeration and retention of moisture, treat my water with magnets and filters to aid 
assimilation, rotate my crops and let the earth rest in the seventh year, use hydrogen peroxide to increase available oxygen for the 
microbes, add "organic" nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus for lush green foliage.What else is there?

Well, I'm glad you asked.  We know now that the human body, in fact all mammals, as well as plants, need minerals in their food supply 
to survive in health.  We know that these minerals ultimately come from the soil.  We know also that the soil has been depleted.  Does 
organic compost, tillage of cover crops and addition of N P K provide the missing ingredients?  Look at the facts.  Over 100 years of 
Organic farming practices has failed to slow the onslaught of degenerative disease.  In fact very few people live to be 90, most do not
 reach 79 and our venerable doctors usually do not even get to 58.  However we know who does "live long and prosper" and we know what 
does provide the missing ingredients.

In the landmark, epic, work 'Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures' by Dr. Joel Wallach on page 213 we learn that "The serendipitous irrigation 
of their terraced fields with the common denominator of "Glacial Milk" from the mountains containing 60 or more minerals is the secret 
of the five cultures who live to 120 to 140 years of age.  Their terraced land, their "Glacial Milk" and their organic agriculture are 
their whole life.  Only they have been able to fulfil their genetic potentials for longevity -- and they have done it without the 
"blessings of high-tech medicine, vaccines, antibiotics, steroids or transplants."

I would go further to point out that they don't use pesticides, fungicides, insecticides or farm chemicals of any kind whether organic or 

We know, as Dr. Jerome Weisner, Science Counselor to John F. Kennedy,stated in 1963, that "Use of pesticides is more dangerous than atomic 

His words are simply a deafening reverberation from those of Rachel Carson in her incisive work of 1962, 'Silent Spring', where she says 
oh so loudly 
"We are rightly appalled by the genetic effects of radiation...How then, could we be indifferent to the same effect from farm chemicals 
used freely in the environment."

Few people know that these clear thinkers were simply expounding on the writings of Amerige Mosca, Italian Scientist and winner of the 
Science Prize at the Brussels World Fair in 1958.  He tried to stop the fire, which is now burning out of control, when he warned us that 
"The damage resulting from nuclear radiation is the same as the damage resulting from the use of toxic genetic chemicals.  The use of 
fungicides of organic syntheses annually causes the same damage to present and future generations as atomic fallout from 14,500 atomic 
bombs of the Hiroshima type (approximately 29 X 14 megaton hydrogen bombs)."  Sadly, Mr. Mosca's full report was classified for 50 years 
by the Italian Government.

"Every second approximately 30,000 particles of background radiation penetrate the average person's body." says Gary North, Phd., in 
Fighting Chance-Ten Feet to Survival.

"Cancer is now the leading cause of childhood death until the age 14 and kills one person approximately every minute.  How much of this 
do you think is caused by radiation of the young and the unborn?" asks Lita Lee, Phd., from the Radiation Protection Manual, 1990.

"The human body must be protected from radioactive particles found in the air and contaminated food and water.  A radioactive element is 
structurally similar to its nonradioactive counterpart, differing only in the number of neutrons it contains. If you do not obtain sufficient 
amounts of calcium, potassium and other nutrients in your diet, the body will absorb the radioactive elements that are similar in structure 
to these nutrients.

Calcium           - radioactive strontium 90
Potassium         - radioactive cesium   137
Potassium iodide  - radioactive iodine   131

from 'Prescription for Nutritional Healing' by James Balch, M.D., and Phylis Balch, C.N.C.

Back to our question, and the answer, about the missing ingredients.  

"...the University of Vienna found that Schindeles product (rock dust) worked against radioactivity...Analysis under micropolariscope revealed 
an alteration in the molecular and atomic lattice, which had an effect on ionized radioactive particles taken into the body."  page 210, 
Secrets of the Soil by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

Yes, it is unbelievable but apparently true.  Not only does rock dust alter the molecular structure of plants and thereby the mammals who consume 
such plants but actually has the capacity to defeat radioactive poisons in soil, plants, animals and man.  Astounding!  So what's the problem?

George Abermann, agronomist and engineer, puts it succintly in Secrets of the Soil, page 209.  "If, and when, the idea of using massive amounts 
of rock dust is adopted in official circles, it will be of no real importance whether it is ground from paragneiss, diabase, basalt, porphyry, 
or certain other rocks, because all of them produce rock dust that works in similar ways.  The only problem is to get the rock dust adopted in 
official circles, and for that one needs a great push, most likely from on high."

From the Acid Rain destruction of the Balsams of the American Smokey Mountains, Sugar Maples of New England/Canada and the Black Forests of S.W.
Germany we go to East Europe.

"Statistical facts on the Czech sylvan (pertaining to trees) disaster, by Dr. Wolf Ochslies, illustrated how dire conditions have become.  Of 
all taxonomic (classifiable) groups of fauna, 60% of amphibians, 35% of mammals, and 30% of reptiles, birds and fish are currently threatened 
with extinction.  Almost all partridges in the country have vanished, along with 80% of the hares and nearly half of the pheasants."  Page 201, 
Secrets of the Soil.

Mr. George Abermann leave us this, "It's using rock dust there is no more need to plant young trees; thanks to its effects plenty 
of new ones are growing spontaneously from seed."

There are other equally startling developments in the study of rock dust. Developments that date back almost to the turn of the century and that
are now being recognized for their magnitude. 

With the discovery of Azomite (Montmorillonite clay) early in this century, in Northern Utah, by Rollin Anderson, a geological prospector, things
began to get really interesting.  Did you ever try eating dirt?  Come on now, didn't everybody as a child?  Well, how about as an adult?  Don't 
worry, Rollin, your secret is safe with me!  Rollin did put Azomite in the soil of his Garden.  As detailed in Secrets of the Soil "the results 
were extremely positive and nearly immediate."

Rollins discovery was being paralleled at that time by T.J. Clark, a pioneering cattle rancher and dog breeder in Southern Utah.  With the help 
of Soaring Eagle of the Paiute Indian tribe, T.J. unearthed the 'secret' of a 'fountain of health' that sprang from the ground.  The 'secret' was 
Polyfloramin. Sometimes called humic shale, and marketed as Colloidal Soil, Polyforamin has proven itself over the last century as producing 
results unheard of anywhere else. Some say actually restoring health in soil, plant, animal and man.

Polyfloramin/Colloidal Soil, is to rock dust what gold is to silver. The most basic mineral elements in Colloidal Soil/Polyfloramin are entirely
organic in nature not at all metallic like rock dust.  Because it is in the organic state, rather than elemental like rock dust, it is instantly 
available, and assimilable by plants and mammals.  No, I am not suggesting that we eat the Colloidal Soil, but liquid solution passed through it 
and then consumed by plant, animal and man has been shown to be absorbed directly into the circulatory system. The minerals contained in Colloidal
Soil become instantaneously available. Colloidal Soil applied directly to plants can begin to be assimilated within minutes after watering.  

You can be sure that Plants provided with their proper food will indeed provide us with ours. 

Dr. Wallach, in his book Rare Earths, tells us what is "Required daily, 60 essential elements, metals and minerals, 12 amino acids, 3 fatty acids,
16 vitamins." page 477.

The F D A tells us that we need their minimum recommended daily allowance (RDA's). Who are you to believe?

Senator William Proxmire, in a 'Let's Live' article in 1974, stated his own, if not the governments, position quite clearly.  "At best the RDA's 
are only a recommended allowance at antediluvian levels designed to prevent some terrible disease.  At worst, they are based on conflicts of interest 
and self serving views of certain portions of the food industry.  Almost never are they provided at levels for optimum health and nutrition."

The truth is out and once more the most humble of professions can be lifted to the level of importance and respect that it deserves.  However this 
can only be if the farmer will take this truth and help it to grow into the magnificent source of life it once was. 

No matter the condition, or level of degradation, of a plot of land if the prevailing conditions are addressed properly then there can be a complete 
restoration of vitality of plant, animal and human living from it.

Herein lies our hope, that the keepers of the earth will choose life, and not death, this day while there is still time to mend our ways.

Polyfloramin, Colloidal Soil, may well be the single most powerful tool we can choose to restore the elements in the soil that effect nutrition in 
plants, animals and man.

The author may be reached by writing to:

Colloidal Soil, 
P.O. Box Y,
Clyde, Texas, U.S.A.

call/fax:   001-915-529-4022.  


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soil supplement on Planet Earth.

Completely Organic and Natural Polyfloramin/Colloidal Soil contains far more than just N P K. Many, if not all, 
identifiable Trace Elements are found in this remarkable remnant of Prehistoric Humus Matter.

This Colloidal Soil can actually boost the content of Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes in plants grown on treated soil.
Everything benefits from plants to animals to people.

Colloidal Soil works in harmony with, and encourages, proper PH balance, humus content, micro-organisms, N P K, water,
sunlight and all great growing practices to create the most delicious and nutritious food possible.

Test a Free Sample and see results in days, hours, minutes. Yes! Even minutes. Immediate uptake by plants can be

This same Colloidal Soil has been used for over 70 years to produce Colloidal Minerals for man and beast. Colloidal 
Minerals have been proven effective in halting and reversing degenerative disease. Colloidal Soil has been used by 
pioneers for almost a century in food production and the native indians used Colloidal Soil for who knows how long 
before that to fertilize their corn, squash and other crops.

See the difference in your plants, your health and your sales income with Colloidal Soil. Order your own Free Samples 
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Added to your growing medium Colloidal Soil becomes the final link in restoring the complete electrical process 
between soil, plant, animal and human. Proven effective with many different plants but especially with citrus, tomatoes,
fruits and vegetables. Beneficial also in Restoring Land from the effects of Pollution in soil, water and air.

Try it yourself and see that it is true. Watch the healing effect as it increases crop yields, reduces or destroys mold, 
fungus, viruses and parasites. Even minimizes crop failure due to extreme weather or radical temperature shifts.

If you want to Produce the finest food then you need Colloidal Soil. There is absolutely nothing else like it.

The best book about Colloidal Soil is 'Rare Earths, Forbidden Cure' by Dr. Joel Wallach. This is most highly recommended
for its examination of the effects of depleted soils on the health of the human race. Additional information on the 
subject of mineral supplementation for the soil is to be found in 'The Secret Life of Plants' and 'Secrets of the Soil' 
by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. Also see 'Bread from Stones' by Julius Hensel, 'Man the Unknown' by Dr. Alexis 
Carrel. The Earth Summit Report of 1992 and U.S. Senate document #264 of 1936.

Write for your Free Samples today, just pay shipping;

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