Connie Northup's
Trip to Tony and Dee's
For Robin's Celebration
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Connie Took a trip by herself to San Diego to meet up with Tony and dee, Mike and Nita and Frank and Mari for some extended visiting for Robin's Doctorate Celebration just before Christmas. During the early part of this visit there were a lot of other Persingers there, as well. This is her Narrative: I arrived in San Diego on Thursday to the smiley face of my sis Dee. We went to see Robin at her place and took a couple of pictures in their living room. The next day, Robin came to her Mom's house and picked me up so we could do some cruisin' :-). So here is a picture of the bay at La Jolla and also one of Robin's favorite parks overlooking a different bay (I can't remember the name of this one).
Dee, Robin and Connie Connie, Robin and Dee La Jolla Bay Robin At Her Favorite Park
After a not-too-shabby sunset, Robin and I went to the airport where Frank's family was arriving and then back to Tony and Dee's house. The next day, they had a birthday for Robin combined with her Congratulations to the Grad party. That's Tony's sister Carol on the patio with Frank and Tony.
Meaghan, Frank, Tony and Mari Robin Cheers Robin's Cake Frank, Tony And Carol On The Patio
This is more of mostly Tony's family on the patio (Jim could not come as he's just had some heart complications), the second shows Meaghan and Maridawn with Sabina (their German exchange student), all us girls seem to have chosen some shade of pink as the color of the day :-), and then Robin with her banner.
Mostly, This is Tony's Family Sabina, Meaghan and Mari All The Gals Robin's Banner
Here is another view of Robin and her banner. Then after her party and before the night totally went away, she snuck off to a nearby Home Depot or some such and came back with a bundle of wood and a chiminaria (sp?), so we sat around the campfire and exchanged tall stories :-). The last picture is a shot of the bed of coals after almost everyone had gone home or to bed but Frank, Dee, Nita and I.
Congrats, Robin   That Night Robin Bought a Chiminaria For The Group To Enjoy   Nothing Left But The Coals   Katy Bunch Posed By Nita  
I got five more pics from Frank covering this trip, so I am slipping them in here so that I can put the first one in that empty slot above after the coals. That one is the Katy Bunch posed by Nita on the Concrete Breakwater you will read about in the next group. Then, these next four are at the IHOP and Dee and Sabina with the orange tree.
Tony and Nita at IHOP   Connie And Frank At IHOP   The Rest Of The Group at IHOP   Dee and Sabina By Orange Tree  
When Sunday morning came, we went out to eat and then off to check out some more beaches. The second picture should have a baby and a momma seal in it about the middle - the baby head is pretty easy to see. The third is the beautiful water on such a sunshiny day (doesn't that remind you a bit of a Kincaid?). The fourth was taken just after Juanita posed a group picture of the Frank bunch on this concrete breakwater.
San Diego Beach   Seals At San Diego Beach   Beautiful Water   Frank's Bunch At San Diego  
Sabina and Meaghan perch in a very old, picturesque tree above the beach. Then Frank, Maridawn, Sabina and Meaghan show us how calm and peaceful the ocean is today. Whoops, third picture - maybe not? And fourth - Frank gets really soaked (and is this a harbinger of things to come?).
Meaghan and Sabina in the Tree   Frank, Mari, Meaghan and Sabina   Wave Crashing In   Tony Shoots Meaghan and Sabina  
Tony took us to a wonderful park and museum area with a very old adobe complex and an early school house and etc. in Old Town San Diego - first is Sabina and Meaghan in front of part of the adobe. Then Frank and Dee being best friends on the way to a place we could eat. The next two pictures are both in the outdoor seating area of the restaurant.
Sabina and Meaghan In Old Town   Dee and Frank Holding Hands   Frank Ponders The Menu   Tony And Dee Eating  
Monday we go to see some Disney sights - it would be good to get wet early in the day if we're going to? Sure enough, some of us got soaked. Frank's second day for being all wet :-). The second picture is the girls on a jet start roller coaster, but they're back about in the middle and it's hard to see who is who. The third picture shows Frank and Dee in the very front row of the same ride. It really takes off and shoots the cars up a big hill as you can tell by Dee's first scream of terror. The park bench by the bright red flowers shows Maridawn (not looking, as I surprised them), and Meaghan and Sabina. The next girl is another exchange student of the same group from Germany who spent the day with us. She was so-o happy to see Sabina.
At Disney Land   Disney Ride   Frank And Dee Get A Ride   Mari, Meg and Sabina with Another Exchange Student Sabina Knew  
Hey Bro! how's this for poetic license?

When you're in California Adventure, they shut all the businesses down at the end of the day to have a lovely electronic parade. The park lights are turned way down so that the parade is the star. This one started with a giant Snow White or Cinderella. She seemed to float down the street above the crowd on a giant, blue velvet skirt with cascades of lights down it's folds and outlining every edge of the costume. They had special floats for many of the usual Disney characters (tho' some like Goofy was driving a train with others dancing on it, while Mickey twirled and waved grandly from atop). Many adorable little floats about the size of Herbie, the Love Bug were made up like lady bugs and turtles, that danced and seemed to bow to the crowd as they approached one side of the street and then the other. My camera didn't seem to take speedy enough pictures for all the movement, but we got a few good ones - a hippo pulling a circus train and Puff the Magic Dragon, for example. What a pleasant way to end a ver-ry pleasant mini vacation!

love ya', Connie
A California Parade   California Parade Dragon Float   California Parade Wagon Float   Nita, Dee, Connie And The Girls  

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