Josh And Donna's
Trip Going
Through Chicago
Plus Rick's Stay
in Chicago in May/June 2004
Great Uncle Dean and Josh   Josh and Dean are Pals   Swans in Pool At Hospital Near Dean's   Linda Hugs Dean; Di Waiting  
Josh at the Swan Pool at Dean's   Swan Pool at Dean's   Uncle Dean; Swan Pool   Kevin and Josh Digging in the Sand  
Josh Gets Buried on Beach at Kevin and Traci's   Josh, Paul, Kelsey and Kaitlan Swinging   Kelsey, Kaitlan and Josh Get Buried   Kids Under Contol  
Kaitlan and Josh Digging in the Sand     Di examining Huge Flower at Dean's   The Chicago River, Which is actually a Canal, Now  
Chicago Water Tower; Which was a survivor of the Chicago Fire   Rick and Josh Pose in Front of Unique Chicago Sky-Scraper   Rick and Donna Taking a Free Trolley Ride   Rick and Josh Against a Gray Chicago Sky  
Rick Studies the Trolley Schedule   This is a Cruise Sailboat that takes maybe a hundred People at a Time out into Lake Michigan   Another Shot of that Sailboat, Against the Beautiful Chicago Skyline   A Pretty Good Shot of the Sears Tower.  
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