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Connie and Gary's   Chuck and Eydie's   Frank and Judy's   Rick and Donna's  
Paul and Diana's   Tony and Dee's   Mike and Nita's   Ron and Sheryl's  
Frank and Mari's   Darien and Lafern's   Dean Northup's   Helen Northup's  
Larry and Allie's   Brian and Jeana's   John and Cheryl's   Jake and Julie's  
Vyron and Laurie's   David and Lisa's   Curtis and Faith's   Jamie and Joanna's  
Ross and Beth's   Amanda's   Terry and Linda's   Ben Hanson's  
Don and Sharon's   El and Molly's   Max and Judy's   Denny and Denni's  
Justin and Tami's       Dawn's  
  Annette Campbell's   Theresa's   Cindy Miller's  
Claypool's   Laurel's   Kevin and Traci's   Shari's  
Sheryl's Rose Aaron and Laina Newly Wed At Mom's when Nita and the Kids were There Donnie and Ronnie
Matthew, Mike, Abbe, Ronnie, Elizabeth and Laina at Mom's Mike and Beth at Mom's At the Wittman/Silnes Reunion With all the Outlaws, In-laws and kids
New Grandson, Plato   Plato, #2   Plato, #3   Plato, #4  
Plato, #5   Plato, #6   Plato, #7   Plato, #8  
Di and Dee Kiss Evan A Picture Taken at Ame's Wedding aaronlaina1   aaronlaina2  
aaronlaina3   aaronlaina4   aaronlaina5   aaronlaina6  
Plato by Ben Laina by Ben Sheryl in 2001 by Ben Ron's Family by Ben

Ron's Family in 2001
Many Dancers Benjamin and Hanna Benjamin, Ghenna and Elissa
Dancing Men: Raw Knee Ghenna, Beth, and Hannah Skia and Josiah Josiah Playing the Cello
Evan's Birthday Evan's Cake Aaron gets a haircut Elissa, Ame and Josie
Ron with Mrs Samuelson Ron and ??? Acting a Little Weird Doin' Dishes at Ron's Food at Ron's
Trampoline at Ron's VolleyBall at Ron's People at Ron's Waiting for the Serve
More Trampoline at Ron's More Kids on Trampoline More Volley Ball at Ron's Waiting in Line to Eat
Brian Being Corny   Eating Corn   I Love Corn   Sheryl's Rose
Amanda Escalante and Elissa Northup   Armand Devoir   Ben Jasmine Amanda and Randall Galand Jammin' for Evan   Brian Yeager CornDog  
Jasmine Hanna and others eatin corn   Jeremy Carscallan Marcus Mundall   Jonothan Platt   Yummy Corn
Jesse and Greg   Elissa and Canda   Craig DJ Josiah Jesse Greg Lounging   The 2003 Contata; Crowd Pic  
One of the High points was Jesus and the Centurion Praying in Duet        

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