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Our Binary Star System This is the Main Page of the Northup Family Binary Star System Presentation. Please, Bear with me, as I am just getting started and I do have a ton of information to share.

During the past year, I have done extensive research into the hypothesis that our sun is a Binary Partner to the Sirius system, which is, itself at least a three star system. Since both Sirius A and Sirius B are very huge in mass, when compared to our own sun, our orbit is very large, taking between 24000 and 25,772 years to complete. This rotation is the actual cause of what is called "precession of the equinoxes." Our relationship with Sirius has been known for a very long time, but for some reason, very few scientists of the modern era have made the connection. Ancient Egypt used the heliacal rising of Sirius as the starting date for their calendar, as did the Greeks, likely following their pattern. The Greeks referred to Sirius as Sothis. In addition the Egyptians' talk of a second sun supports the theory that when they come in close, we can see two suns, making it as bright as day through the night. This second sun was believed to periodically leave and then return. It has also been long known that Sirius does not precess, along with the rest of the sky, but, again for some unfathomable reason, modern astronomy does not get the connection. Even the Dogon Tribe of Western Africa has known more about the Sirius system than our scientists know in this current year of 2022. They are mystified with how the Dogons got this information. Their legend has it that Aliens from Sirius visited them long ago, and it is my contention that this visit by the Sumerian Anunaki "Gods", Enki and Enlil are actually from the Sirius system, and not the "12th Planet", Nibiru spoken of by Zechariah Sitchen. Now, the link I have shared called "Our Sun is in a Binary System" is a little misleading. First of all, he claims that we went above the Galactic plane in 2010 and entered "The Golden Age". It is true we have went through the Galactic Plane. and that is the reason our Sun is going to be novaeing very shortly. The density of the dust and debris at the Solar Plane is the "Trigger" mechanism for this event. We have been getting that for around 150 years already. This Guy makes it sound like that happens on a particular day. That is not correct. We go up and down through the Galactic plane twice in our 25000 year rotation around Sirius. That is what causes our precession of the equinoxes, and it is also the cause of the 12000 year repeating Disaster Cycle. I am glad this Guy brings up the Golden Age, as it sets you up for the next link, which discusses our progression from Dark Ages through the Bronze and Silver to the Golden Age and back again. As practically everyone knows by now, we are actually in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. It means we just now left the Age of Pisces, which is the 2000 plus year age of Christianity. The focus of ancient people on the Bull (Taurus) and then the Ram (Aries) shows up in the Bible as Aaron making a golden calf for the people to worship while Moses was on the mountain getting the tablets of the Law. The fact that when Abraham was told to bind up his Son, Isaac and offer him as a sacrifice, a Ram was provided in his stead. This was the beginning of the Age of Aries, and actually the beginning of the total Zodiacal cycle. The Lion on the Sphinx and elsewhere, shows that during this time in ancient Egypt, we were in the age of Leo, the Lion. At any rate, as we all know, also, we have just now come out of "The Dark Ages". We are just barely coming into the light and the beginning of the Bronze Age. It will be some time before we finally get to the Silver Age, and then yet again another long period before we finally get to the Golden Age. When that time comes, Sirius will become visible in our sky as a second sun. Since it is very huge in comparison to our sun, it will be at least as bright as our sun though no where near so close to us. Actually, we can see the signs in the Kuiper belt, of Sirius clearing out all the planetoids from there on out, as it makes it's pass, so Sirius on it's closest approach will be far beyond Pluto. Then, as we begin to move further apart agin, we get into the descending Yugas, which means we will go back through the Silver Age to the Bronze Age and finally, once again into another Dark Age. It is my contention this entire cycle takes 24000 years (not what traditional Science claims to be 25,772 years)since we will speed up considerably as we get closer and then slow down again as we get further apart. There is one more pertinent thing to consider. It also appears that as our magnetic field weakens, our rotation on our axis speeds up. This has been measured recently as scientists have had to adjust the atomic clock, but one would think that has only been over the past 150 years or so. However the difference seems to be substantial, as it seems to me man was meant to poop once per day. At the present time, that constant seems to have changed quite a bit, as I doubt you will find many people who do that daily like a clock cycle. It seems to be more like every other day, but I have not done any calculations, and I can't find anyone else who has. Meanwhile, the rotation of the moon seems to be pretty much the same over quite a long time, as most women will attest to, that their cycle is locked in solid with the full moon. Our rotation around the sun seems to continue to match the Zodiac and the heliacal rising of Sirius is pretty obviously always on the same day of the year. I think there needs to be more study done in this area. Tonight


Our Sun is in a Binary Star System
The Sun's Novas

Our Sun Novas, every 12068 Years, according to Douglas Vogt. This is only one of hundreds of videos by Douglas Vogt, I urge you to listen to as many as you can stand. He has done a tremendous amount of research, though he is a bit fat headed, and thinks he is the only one that has a brain. The government figured this out on their own and immediatly launched the NASA Apollo program. Apollo refers to the sun, not the moon, so we should not be surprised what they were actually looking for is untouched evidence on the Moon's surface of previous novas. They found plenty, but hardly mentioned it publicly, though there are videos of Astronauts saying, "I think this is what we are looking for."
The Heinrich Events
and The Adam and Eve Story, (heavily redacted by the CIA) It is worth mentioning that Chan Thomas wrote this book in 1963. It is amazingly accurate with what was known at that time, however, he reaches one probably flawed conclusion. That involves what is the trigger mechanism. Douglas Vogt makes it very clear that trigger mechanism is the sun itself. Chan Thomas even mentioned that originally it was thought to be Sunspot activity. He was actually very close to the whole truth at that point. No wonder the government was shocked enough by his conclusions that they made an attempt to cover it up and the finally released version we hear here is only a shadow of the entire work.There are other independent sources of this exact same information. If you want a little more contemporary perspectivem you might be interested to see what Dr, Timothy Ball has to say about it, or if you want daily updates, Suspicious0bservers not only gets into the Government investigation and cover-up that has been going on since at least 1956, but also keeps updating daily with the latest events. These people figure the next event is iminent and could happen at any time, most likely long before the year 2046 that Douglas Vogt predicts. As a result, they figure you need to start preparing immediately so you will be ready when it happens.
Douglas Vogt on the 12068 Year Solar Cycle
The Adam and Eve Story
Dr Timothy Ball
Suspicious0bservers; THE Earth Disaster Documentary
Walter Cruttenden's Lost Star of Myth and Time

I first got interested in The Great Year, through Walter Cruttenden.

The best way for you to get this information, is to listen to some of his presentations and make up your own mind what you can believe in. SOme of his stuff does not quite fit with what we know for sure, including the ancient Indian sources for the Yuga.

To be Continued

I have not yet formalized a decent alternative to Walter's theories. One thing you can be fairlly certain of, however. Our Solar System definitely does regularly pass through the Galactic plane. I am thinking on our orbit around Sirius, we go up through it and then 12000 years later, back down through it. This area would be loaded with dust and particles from all the various dust shells caused by other stars in their nova events, This is more than likely the "trigger", since we do not have a close in Binary partner that could cause it like other, more regular repeating nova stars. Scientists estimate the last time this happened was about 2010, but out sun and the Earth have shown we are well into the next cycle, possibly for as long as 150 years. The Polar Excursion is well underway and speeding up rapidly. Our magnetic field is also weakening, making us ever more susceptible to cosmic events from our sun...


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How Aliens have intervened on the Earth from the Sumerian Tablets to modern day Encounters Conspiracies over the past 100 years or so perpetrated by the Government of the USA

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