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Conspiracies involving the Government of the USA
Conspiracies involving the Government of the USA This is the Main Page of my Conspiracies Site. Please, Bear with me, as I am just getting started and I do have a ton of information to share.

For some time, I have been interested in the various conspiracies our government, and especially involving the CIA, M-6 and Knesset in Israel.

It is worth noting at this point, I do not call them Conspiracy Theories. That term was invented after the Kennedy Assasination in an attempt to belittle any ideas contrary to the official narrative.

I believe the assasinations of both Kennedies involved the government either directly or through cover-up. Certainly the New Orleans Mob Boss, Carlos Marcello was directly involved in the actual details of the JFK assasination, and probably also the RFK assasination. Marcello had a huge influence over all law enforcement in Louisiana and also most of Texas. Sam Giancono is also mentioned, as he was involved in gettong Kennedy elected in the first place, by throwing Chicago and thus the State of Illinois. He also has a personal interest because Marilyn Monroe was his moll before she came to know both Kennedys. I will cover details further down this page.

Other conspiracies are probably not as well documented as those two events, however I am just as convinced if you do the research, you will agree there is plenty of evidence out there.

One of the off shoots of the Kennedy assasination was the Watergate burglary. You will see the connection with Nixon, who was well known to have been present at Dallas, but it is a little unclear just exactly what he was worried would come out as a result of the DNC's announcement they had some information they were about to reveal. I have no evidence to support it, but it is said Nixon first became involved with the mob, when he answered an ad for "An ambitious politician willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead."

Other future Presidents that were also there at Dallas on that date, include Lynden Johnson and George Herbert Walker Bush. In addition, Gerald Ford was put in charge of the Warren Commission and of course he was the one who pardoned Nixon after he resigned as President, post Watergate. It is well known that Kennedy was particularly criticval of Secret Societies, and less well known is that the "Bonesmen" are at the top of the list. All of the Bush's starting with Prescott through George HW to GWBush were Bonesmen

I first learned there was more to the taking down of the World Trade Center through Jesse Ventura, who has a documentary listing 64 things the government does not want you to find out about. Ventura was a Navy Seal and knew obviously all three of those WTC buildings came down by "Controlled Demolition" Israel's Knesset was at the heart of that Conspiracy, along with the CIA.

Other people who were probably assassinated with government collusion include John Kennedy, Jr. who was set to rrelease some information, Paul Wellstone, who was against going into Iraq, Alaska Representative Hale Boggs, who was on the Warren Commission, and may have threatened to reveal some things.

Thomas Hale Boggs Sr. (February 15, 1914 – disappeared October 16, 1972; declared dead December 29, 1972) was an American Democratic politician and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the House majority leader and a member of the Warren Commission. In 1972, while still majority leader, Boggs was on a fundraising drive in Alaska when the twin engine airplane he was travelling in (along with Alaska congressman Nick Begich and two others) disappeared en route from Anchorage to Juneau, Alaska.

However, we will start with the Kennedy Assasination. The actual attack was planned and orchestrated by the New Orleans Mob Boss, Carlos Marcello. To get the entire story, You need to read, "Carlos Marcello, the Man Behind the JFK Assassination" There is a link provided to a video.

The best source I know on JFK is Mark Shaw. He has written many books and one of the best ones ties in Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallon and what you can get here is the entire story in a nutshell.

To get the story, plus other Mafia stories, you could listen to a former top Mob official, Michael Franzese, the son of Sonny Franzese

What about Lee Harvey Oswald? What role did he play? There is very good evidebce that he was the "Patsy" in the plot and Jack Ruby's primary role was to take Oswald out before he could be questioned. There was even a parafin test done that proves Oswald never even fired a rifle that day, and his hand print on the supposed rifle used was gotten by the CIA late at night in the morgue where his body had just been embalmed.

Who were the actual shooters? There were probably four separate teams. Each team comprised of three people: a primary shooter, a back-up shooter and a communications Guy. The initial shot or shots were to come from the School Book Depository, however, Lee Harvey Oswald was NOT on that team, and the team was located at the other end of the building. The secondary location was the Records Building and the Third was the Grassy Knoll. One of the teams included Frank Sturgis and E. Howard Hunt, who were supposedly two of the three "Tramps" arrested that day. Some say they were located on the Grassy Knoll, another source says the reason they were coming down the railroad right of way, is because they had entered the storm drain and were actually located at a street drain ahead of the President's car, which is what I believe. Still a third source says neither is true, and he maintains they were not even shooters at all, but part of the "misdirection" team. Both E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis were obviously involved, and were also two of the Watergate Burglers. It is pretty certainly known they were looking for evidence the Democrats had there tying Nixon to the JFK assasination. Frank Sturgis and his Girl Friend, Marita Lorenz went there initially from Miami, but she returned to Miami when she realized something did not feel right. The link provided has a huge amount of information, but it is not a video link. You have to read for yourself and decide what to believe. It is called The Tin Whistle, and it includes informaiton about all these individuals, plus it lists Johnny Roselli as one of the primary shooters, and it also says there were three shooters sent to Dallas by Sam Giancana, who had a grudge against JFK, as he helped him to get elected, yet he promptly turned his back on the Mafia. It also includes information about 9-11, which we will be covering next. I urge you to read every word of The Tin Whistle, as it shows who the real money people are and how they totally run this country as well as the rest of the world. The bottom line is Drugs and Banking (Money). We did not go into Afghanistan to get Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban. It was all about Opium, Folks. And to get a Rothschild Central Bank there, and also Iraq. They already got Libya by taking out Muammar Gaddafi. The only countries in the World left without a Central Bank are: Andorra, Isle of Man. Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Monaco, Nauru and Palau..

One of the most compelling stories came years later when a young man named Ricky White found his father, Roscoe (Rock) White's journal plus a lot of other stuff hidden away, after Roscoe had been apparently killed in a chemical explosion. The entry for November 22, 1963, started like this: “I was Mandarin, the man behind the stockade fence who fired two shots. Lebanon was the man in the Book Depository who fired two shots. Saul was the man in the Records Building who fired two shots.” Oswald wasn’t mentioned by name, but apparently he was the patsy, not one of the shooters. Oswald, himself said as much. He knew he was the patsy, but he found out too late. Mandarin’s spot behind the stockade fence at the crest of the grassy knoll would have been the perfect position for a sniper. From that vantage point a marksman could have picked off the president with a pistol." I maintain there was a fourth team in the storm drain as I already mentioned. Possibly the Grassy Knoll shooter (Roscoe White) made the kill and there was no need for the fourth team.

OK,Now we will move on to the World Trade Center. There have been many so-called "False Flag " Events in our sordid history, in fact, Allen Dulles was proposing one such event to get the American public prepped for all out war against Cuba to the Kennedy Administratkion and when he Balked, they took him out. Another such event was carried out by his successor, Lyndon Johnson to get the American public prepped for an escalation in Viet Nam. The False Flag operation known as 9-11 prepped the entire World, as a matter of fact, to be prepared for America to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq. We were after the opium in Afghanistan and the oil in Iraq, though the American public would not stand idly by as we stole Iraq's oil, but at least we did get them back on the Petro Dollar. Muammar Gaddafi had already been taken out in Libya because he was insisting the World buy his oil with gold. George Bush Senior was not only a CIA man and a Boneman, he was also a Texas oil tycoon. The same scenario was involved in Kuwait a decade earlier, but george Herbert Walker Bush stopped short of directly invading Iraq proper. Now, GWBush not only wanted to finish what his Daddy started, but he was pushed, primarily by his Vice President, Dick Cheny and also his Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. As you will discover, the plot had very little to do with Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban.

I just stumbled across another weird connection that I will be pursuing in the next few days. Apparently, Bush 41 was not only present in Dallas when JFK was executed, but also had a close family connection with the Hinkley family. Of course at the time of the attempted asassination attempt on Reagan, Bush was Vice President and would have become President had the attempt been successful. Strange there was no investigation. Once again, Hinkley was the Lone nut, who acted alone


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