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Aliens on Earth from the very Beginning until Today
Earthly Contact with Extra Terrestrials This is the Main Page of my Alien Contact Site. Please, Bear with me, as I am just getting started and I do have a ton of information to share.

For some time, I have been interested in possible Alien contact with various members of the World's People. One of the first intrigueing stories I read was how the Dogon Tribe in Western Africa explained how they learned about the three star system of Sirius. Their legend has it that Aliens from Sirius visited them long ago, and it is my contention that this visit by the Sumerian Anunaki "Gods", Enki and Enlil are actually from the Sirius system, and not the "12th Planet", Nibiru spoken of by Zechariah Sitchen. The Egyptians also had a fixation on Sirius, and their calendar year started with the heliacal rising of Sirius on the Summer Solstice. I read extensively, Zechariah Sitchin's "The 12th Planet", and where I found some of his stories somewhat fanciful, and I had particular trouble with his theory that Nibiru rotated around the Sun every 3600 years. No matter how I looked at it, this did not fit the pattern of supposedly close in contact, when members of that civilization visited our planet, as in the original Creation Story and the coming of Christ. nevertheless, the fundamental premise intrigued me greatly and it got me to reading various texts written on the Sumerian Clay Tablets. I will link to some of the more interesting stories, including the "Epic of Gilgamesh" and "The 14 Tablets of the Lost Book of Enki"

As far as present day contact with Aliens, I first got interested in Linda Moulton Howe's discussions on Cattle Mutilations and Crop Circles.

Speaking of Cattle Mutilations, some of the most amazing incidents happened on the so-called Skin-Walker Ranch. This discussion involves George Knapp, who has done a lot of Alien Research, so it is worth mentioning, although this is not high on my personal interest list.

Over the past several years, my searching has gotten much more specific, trying earnestly to find something I could really believe in. I was very convinced for a long time that Bob Lazar had pretty well proven we do have craft, at least one of which was retrieved at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. I have since found some holes in his story. The one thing that still seems pretty certain. He did know about an alement, that we still had not yet discovered which he claimed was the element that powered the craft's propulsion system. I had heard another intrigueing story about Roswell by reading up on Colonel Philip Corso, who was the Duty Officer the night the aliens from Roswell came through Fort Riley in Kansas on their way to Washington DC. Many years later, as Special Assistant to Lt General Arthur Trudeau, he was put in charge of reverse engineering foreign technologies, including UFOs. Read his book, "The Day after Roswell" for details.

No matter who you listen to or believe, it seems pretty obvious there was a cover up from the very beginning at Roswell, and something most certainly did crash there, probably three craft total, and apparently. at least one of the aliens aboard was still alive. One of the most interesting of all the stories coming out of Roswell was written by Lawrence R. Spencer; "Alien Interview by Matilda ODonnell MacElroy". This is a very interesting story, but if you are at all like me, it becomes fairly obvious early on, the author is peddling a viewpoint. This viewpoint is very similar to what the Church of Scientology promotes. The supposed interviewer is a real person, but he conveniently waits until after her death to publish so there is no way to check out what he is saying.

Fairly early on in my reading, I became acquainted with the writings of Charles James Hall and his book, "Walking with the Tall Whites"
He is very believable and quite matter of fact, and you are hard pressed to not believe him. In recent days, I learned he had written 6 or more books, and I listened to all of them. The more I read, the more I wondered just exactly how much of it was legitimate. Some of it comes off really far-fetched, and he seems to think he is the smartest guy in the World and I got a little tired of listening to him after a while.

Along the way, I became very impressed with Dr Steven Greer, but early on I decided his insistence that ALL aliens are "Friendly" seemed to be stretching it a bit. I preferred the idea that some are Friendly, some are Hostile. According to him, all the "Hostile" acts. like Cattle Mutilations and Abductions are done by our very own people, in an effort to make the public think the Aliens are a threat to us. We pretty well know for a fact that they came originally, in 1947 at Roswell and other places because they got concerned we were experimenting with some thing highly dangerous, not only to ourselves but the Universe as a whole. They have been around for a very long time, but these events triggered a frequency of visitation ever since that time. No matter how you personally view Dr Greer, it is undeniable that he is an authority on the subject that will most definitely change your perspective. He has been studying the subject for over thirty years, and claims to have a personal experience of contact in all five of the levels; ie, Close encounters of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Kinds. I have since found him to be the most believable of all the people I have mentioned here.

Now, David Adair was a child genius, who was building rockets at nine years old. He has a photographic memory and was studying Quantum Physics at an even earlier age. He knew Neil Armstrong personally and was sitting in his living room watching on television when Neil made that first moon landing. He also got to know General Curtis LeMay, who facilitated him to build a Magnetic field Nuclear Fusion containment rocket, which he eventually completed and launched it from White Sands at the age of 17, The government sent a Black Ops Plane there and asked him to land it at particulkar coordinates which turned out to be Groom Lake at Area 51. They flew him up there where he saw his rocket out there sitting on the tarmac and they took him inside the biggest, middle hangar where they took him down in an elevator to possibly ten stories deep, where they entered a hangar bay that had a full scale version of his engine, obviously not made by man. They asked him to look it over and voice his opinion. Go to the link with Art Bell for details.


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