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JULY 4TH 2004
Around The Campfire Chilly Enough To Want A Fire Cousins Around The Fire Dale On The Guitar
Kids Around The Fire   Mark Plays His Song On Dale's Guitar   More Kids Around The Fire   More Singing Under The Tarp  
It Seemed This Year We Did More Talking Than Singing   Rick Playing Harmonica Along With CD in Vyron's Car   Ron Dancing to Pirates of Penzance   Singing Around The Campfire  
Singing In The Rain   Toasting Marshmallows   Watching The Fire   When It Rained, We Put Up A Tarp  
1999 and 2002
At the Fire Pit, Vehicles in Background Paul and Max Relaxing at the Fire Pit Cyndi, Chuck, Sheryl and Donna In the Cook Tent Raw Knee Gets a Back Rub From Terry
Jeana's Alissa Meets Grandma Helen   Pretty Good Bunch around the Picnic Table   Curt and Bryan Find Something to Talk About   Cheryl, Paul, Nita and Vyron  
Jeana's Alissa with Grandma Helen and Aunt Connie   Connie and Mom   Courtney in the Hay Mow   A Mess of Cousins Bouncing the Volley Ball Around  
A Third Generation of Cousins Enjoying the Bed Swing   1st Generation Minus Rick and Diana   Gary Finds Time to Mud the Hall Closet   Gary, Plumb Tuckered Out  
The Old Meets the New   Karina with Jeana's Alissa   Laferne With One of The Twins   Mark at the Campground  
Matthew Showing the Kids How to Swing in the Barn   Mitchell Gives it a Try   Switching Ropes in Mid Air   Volley Ball Game  
Vyron with Josie and Laurie   Vyron, Leanne, Chuck and Diana   Jo's Alyssa, Dean and April   April, Karina, Matt, Alicia, Levi and Evan Around Table; Rick and Darien in Background  
Cheryl and Francis in the Tent   Same Picture, Better Shot   Curt and Faith With Arlan   Curt and Sheryl  
Dean and April Cutting Watermelon   Dean, Di, John, Tammy and Laurie   Diana and David   Faith, Nancy and Karina  
Faith and Ron   Frankie, Alicia, Matt and Cheryl   Frank, Mom, Jo, Jackson, Judy, Di and Dean   Jackson and Katrin Watch Mom, Jo in Tent  
The Twins with Grandma and Grandpa   Jake, Vyron, and Matthew   Jeri, Alicia, Levi, April, Matt and Evan   John and Francis  
Johnny and Karina   Jo, Mom, Di, Paul, Dean and Frank   Josh and His Carp (After the 4th)   Josh and His Carp with Kane Watching  
Another Shot of Jsh and Carp   Judy, Di, Paul, and Dean   Mattathiah and Francis   Matt, Kristen, Katrin, Zack, Frankie and Tammy  
Miah and Chester Under the Van   Rick and Darien & Laferne with the Twins and Jeri   Ron and David; Rick and one of the Twins   Ron II and Nehemiah  
Ron and Sheryl with Evan   Toby and Dean   Vyron and Curt with Sheryl in Background